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Teliaoils Stinging Nettle Leaf Tablets- Powerful Herbal Water Pills for Bloating & Reduce Water Retention – Urinary Tract Health Diuretic Supplement with Horsetail, Silver Birch & Vitamin C- 60 Tabs

Choose Nature’s Solution To A Pain-Free Life And Boost Energy And Confidence Levels Fast!

If you have ever suffered from constant bloating, swelling in the ankles or puffiness, then you already know how difficult life can get.

Teliaoils Stinging Nettle Leaf tablets offers a natural solution to painful urinary tract problems, nighttime bathroom urges, excessive water retention, prostate or kidney issues, as well as optimal adrenal glands function.

Containing Urtica Dioica, Horsetail, Silver Birch and Vitamin C, this diuretic dietary supplement benefits prostate health, increases the levels of free testosterone, improves sexual health, promotes the elimination of excess water and fights free radicals, all the while helping you lose excess water weight and feel lighter in your skinny jeans!

The end result? A body free from puffiness and bloating that makes you feel comfortable and confident every day!

Improve Your Wellbeing By Restoring Fluid Balance In The Body!

Thanks to its powerful compounds, stinging nettle leaf is a wonderful way to help the body release excess water and salt, while at the same time, helping reduce the urge to go to the bathroom during the nighttime.

Its beneficial properties have astonishing results in a number of conditions and can significantly help:

  • Promote kidney, bladder and urinary tract health
  • Lose excess water
  • Reduce bloating and puffiness
  • Increase energy levels

Each bottle contains 60 tablets (with 900mg per tablet) which are free from gluten, sugar, salt, dairy, wheat, corn, preservatives and artificial colors.

Say Goodbye To That Bloated Belly And Boost Your Energy Levels Today! – Click “Add to Cart” Now!

NATURE’S SOLUTION TO URINARY TRACT HEALTH: Known for centuries for its remarkable diuretic properties, Stinging Nettle Leaf is a potent supplement that supports proper function of the kidneys, adrenals, bladder and prostate. Perfectly suitable and effective both for women and men in need of protecting or restoring optimal urinary health.
ELIMINATE SWELLING AND BLOATING NATURALLY: Thanks to its powerful anti water retention properties, stinging nettle leaves supplement helps remove excess water from the body, balances the levels of body fluids and flushes out excess salt as well as uric acid, thus alleviating bloating and swelling, fast and naturally. The natural weight-loss water pills your body needs!
ENHANCE YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM: If you need a natural immune and energy boost but would rather do it naturally, then Teliaoils Stinging Nettle Plus herbal dietary supplement is exactly what you are looking for. Containing Urtica Dioica, Horsetail, Silver Birch & Vitamin C, these water retention pills fight free radicals and build the body’s protective immunity shield.
POTENT FORMULA YOU CAN TRUST: Designed to be the perfect addition to your daily diet, the Teliaoils diuretics are wild harvested and gently dried to keep all the amazing benefits of Stinging Nettle intact. Free of sugar, dairy, wheat and gluten, our bloating relief tablets work wonders for anyone, even for people following special diets.
ORDER RISK FREE – YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED: Join the community of hundreds of happy customers that have successfully used our herbal water pills to naturally enhance their bodily functions and enjoy a pain-free lifestyle. In the unlikely case you are not satisfied with the results, Teliaoils offers a cast-iron 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. For a healthy body and mind- Order yours today!

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