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Prescia Bamboo Vinegar Foot Pads | Remove Impurities – Cleansing | 30 Piece Patch | Aids in Relieving Stress and Tension | Reduce Foot Odor | Pain Relief | All-Natural Ingredients | Organic Foot Pads

Experience True Comfort, Relief, And Relaxation With Crescena Foot Pads!
Foot pads have become one of the most popular health care products all for the right reasons. With explosive popularity in Japan and Korea, bamboo wood vinegar foot patches are now spreading throughout the states thanks to their health benefits, ease of use, and all natural yet potent formula.

Enjoy A Good Night’s Rest
In traditional Oriental medicine, the feet are regarded as your “second heart” and a mirror of internal health. Foot cleanse patches take advantage of this connection to help you relax and prolong the length and improve the quality of your sleep as so that you can wake up feeling refreshed.

The Care You Deserve
Our body relief pads are made using natural Bamboo Wood Vinegar to bring you a reliable and comfortable way to gain relief and comfort while promoting fairer and more youthful skin. It’s ideal for both women and men that want make a positive change in the way they look and how they feel.

How To Use:
1. Thoroughly clean your feet
2. Remove the adhesive backing from the foot pad
3. Attach the adhesive to the printed side
4. Apply the patch to the sole of your feet or other body parts
5. Remove after 6-10 hours and see the results!

Do Not Use On Open Wounds, Damaged Skin, Or Cuts
Heavy coloration and release from pads show that it’s working properly

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✔ POWERFUL CLEANSING & CARE: Our cleaning foot pads are made to provide you with an all-natural and pure way to boost your natural defenses, cleanse your body to expel toxins and help you relax. By combining our Bamboo Vinegar Foot Pads with herbs, essential oils, and gemstones, we give your body the care it needs to revitalize itself naturally while you sleep.
✔ RELAXING & CALMING SCENT: Our body cleanse foot patches help you remain calm and enjoy a good night’s sleep by fighting off the effects of insomnia making these perfect for use in aromatherapy. These bamboo foot pads are the perfect choice for men and women that want to relieve tension, relax and enjoy better sleep!
✔ LOOK YOUNG, FEEL HEALTHY & STAY ACTIVE: These herbal scented pads naturally help cleanse your body of impurities, harmful chemicals, and heavy metals while calming your senses with their aromatic fragrance. The result is a body that smells fabulous, looks young and feels healthy ensuring you stay happy and active around the clock. Simply attach the pads to the bottoms of your feet before bed and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go!
✔ RELIEVE STRESS, PAIN & LOSE WEIGHT: Crescena foot pads works through improved natural excretion and also boost metabolism, promote a fair and even skin tone as well as providing fast and lasting relief from pain and aching muscles. By removing impurities from your body it naturally helps it recover, improve brain clarity, boost energy, help you slim down and give you skin that looks and feels great!
✔ 100% RISK-FREE PURCHASE: Crescena Foot Patches are made using only all natural and organic ingredients without using any harmful chemicals, toxins or impure materials. Double sealed to preserve their freshness for longer. We use our own unique and incredibly potent formula that is certified by the FDA, CE, ISO, MSDS, SGS A foot and body patch that provides fast and reliable results.

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