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HMR Quick Control Kit – 12 Meals (6 Shakes, 2 Cereal, 4 Entrees)

For many people, the weekend can be especially challenging for weight management. Activities and social events can often lead to eating extra calories and gaining weight. Successful weight management means balancing those higher-calorie days with lower-calorie days. HMR’s new QuickControl Kit is designed to help keep weekend indulgences from showing up on the scale. Whether you need a low-calorie, structured “reset” in your weight-loss journey, or are looking for a great way to “kick-start” your diet, the HMR QuickControl kit will fit the bill.

The HMR QuickControl Kit includes enough food for two full days of healthy eating, giving you a two-day break from worrying about your food choices. Simply enjoy 1 hot cereal, 2 entrees, and 3 shakes each day for two days, in addition to your favorite fruits and vegetables, for around 1,200 – 1,400 calories a day.

Included in the kit are: 2 packets of HMR 800 (1 chocolate/1 vanilla), 4 packets of HMR 70 Plus Shake and Pudding mix (2 chocolate/2 vanilla), 2 packets of HMR Multigrain Hot Cereal, and 1 each of the following HMR Entrees: Lasagna with Meat Sauce, Beef Stroganoff, Chicken Pasta Parmesan, and Turkey Chili with Beans. With such a wide variety of HMR foods, the QuickControl Kit is also a great way to sample some of HMR’s most popular foods.

All HMR Entrees and Shakes are incredibly versatile and can be prepared to your liking by adding your favorite fruits or vegetables to provide additional volume and nutrition.The HMR QuickControl Kit is designed to help prevent weekend weight gain from becoming permanent weight gain.
It gives you a two-day break from having to make any decisions about what to eat without going hungry.
The kit contains 6 HMR Shakes, 2 HMR Multigrain Hot Cereals, and 4 HMR Entrees. All you add are fruits and vegetables.
It’s a chance to sample a few days on an HMR diet plan. See how easy it can be to cut calories from your diet without eating less food.
The plan is clear, simple to follow, convenient, portable, and effective!

Price: $35.08 - $35.00
(as of Nov 07,2019 17:08:04 UTC – Details)

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