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(90 Capsules) Keto Diet Pills + Apple Cider Vinegar BHB Salts & MCT Oil – ACV w/Mother Best Exogenous Ketones Pills – Advanced Carb Supplement – Utilize Fat for Energy Focus w/Ketosis for Women Men

Take your Keto diet to the fast lane with Kapalaran’s Advanced Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules (with The Mother) + Keto Diet Supplement with MCT Oil.

Our Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanse and Ketosis capsules feature a synergistic blend of apple cider vinegar (with the Mother), BHB salts, and MCT oil. All these work together to help keep your body in a state of ketosis and speed up the break down of unwanted fats.

Compared to other keto supplements out there, ours delivers the highest potency of these ingredients. We provide you with 1300mg of all-natural keto support per serving.

While exercise and dieting can help you transform your body to a desired size, it would take several months before you notice significant changes in your physique. What you need is the right keto supplement that can propel your keto dieting program to greater heights.


✅ An uncontrollable appetite for sugary or starchy food
✅ Slow cognitive function
✅ Low energy levels
✅ Difficulty in getting rid of excess body weight
✅ A slow metabolic rate

Taking Kapalaran’s Advanced Keto Diet Supplement can help you address these health issues to get in shape and enjoy better health in less time.


✅ Highest potency 1300mg Keto Blend (2 capsules)
✅ 90 capsules, 45-day supply
✅ Includes apple cider vinegar Mother, which promotes healthy digestion
✅ Perfect supplement for Keto diet followers
✅ Helps utilize fat for energy


Our non-GMO keto supplement is proudly made in the USA in a GMP-certified facility. It is also extensively tested by a third party laboratory to ensure it meets the highest standards of safety, quality, and potency.

ALL KETO PILLS ARE THE SAME – WRONG! Not all diet supplements are created equal. The key attribute is the formulation! Our Patented formula contains a specialized blend of premium, keto w/ Apple Cider Vinegar pills – These Keto slim capsules will assist in putting you on the fast track to the the state of ketosis. For a real boost, add a ketogenic diet to the mix and fast track your results.
ENERGY. BURN. RESULTS – Our keto pills, when combined with Apple Cider Vinegar provides a capsule with superior detox cleanse – When the body is in ketosis, fat is quickly used for energy – works for both Men and Women.
WHY KETOSIS IS IMPORTANT: Ketosis is a state in which your body utilizes fat to create energy. Not only are you more energetic but you are also shedding off that extra belly fat at the same time! In addition to promoting abdominal shredding, our Ketosis dietary supplement helps support better digestion and sleep.
TURN FAT INTO ENERGY – Our Keto diet pills with Apple Cider Vinegar are made with a patented formula (BHB Salts + MCT Oil) and we also added Apple Cider Vinegar to help blast extra fat away. Your body will convert the fat into energy, so you’ll be more focused throughout the day.
AS SEEN ON TV – The Keto and Ketones are the same as the extra strength diet capsules seen on shark tank. With exercise and good dieting, these Ketogenic pills accelerate weight management, you’ll see inches melt away.

Price: $14.99
(as of Jan 27,2020 12:35:47 UTC – Details)

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