How To Make The TikTok-Viral Sushi Bake

Sometimes TikTok food trends stray a little bit chaotic — who has time to actually whip their coffee every morning anyway, and should you really be eating an entire block of feta cheese for dinner? Other times, food gurus on TikTok share some incredible recipes that make figuring out what you want for dinner so easy, and those are the trends that tend to really stick around. If you’re on TikTok, you’ve likely come across a video showing you how to make a “sushi bake” at some point in 2022. Here’s everything you should know about the (surprisingly straightforward) trending meal.

The hashtag #sushibake has 119.2M views on TikTok and counting and has been used since December 2021 to show off the viral recipe. User @lizzymwong posted a video on Dec. 28, 2021, explaining how to DIY a sushi bake at home. Lizzy’s original recipe featured imitation crab, rice, kewpie mayo, wasabi, cream cheese, green onion, rice vinegar, salt, sugar, furikake, and sriracha, but iterations of the dish have used different ingredients to put it all together.

Read on to learn how you can make the viral sushi bake including what ingredients to buy, how to assemble the ingredients, and the substitutions you can make based on your preferences.

What Is The TikTok-Viral Sushi Bake?

Essentially, the sushi bake is a casserole-like dish that uses ingredients popular in sushi rolls like imitation crab, spicy mayo, rice, and cream cheese. Imitation crab is flaked into small pieces and mixed with cream cheese in some cases and is layered on top of seasoned rice, then baked until warm. Many users eat the finished product with seaweed to create their own hot sushi roll-inspired bite.

How To Make A Sushi Bake

Like any other recipe, you can make adjustments to the sushi bake depending on what you like to eat. User @gaming_foodie, for example, makes her sushi bakes with an air-fried salmon fillet and a layer of seaweed within the dish rather than just on the side.

Generally, you’ll want to have rice, imitation crab, mayo (either kewpie or regular), sriracha, and seaweed. For extra creaminess, you can add cream cheese to the crab mixture and for more protein, you can throw in some cooked salmon. Once the layers are assembled in your casserole dish, bake it at 380 degrees for 10 minutes and broil it for a few extra minutes for a layer of crunch. Sesame seeds and green onions are technically optional, but add a bit of taste and texture to the final bite as garnish.

For a version that uses only seven ingredients, try this one from If you prefer something a bit more substantial, I Am A Food Blog serves their sushi bake with cucumber and avocado. Take the parts you like of each recipe you see online and alter the parts you don’t, then go ahead and film your cooking process to post on TikTok if you feel like it — who’s to say you won’t be the next person to go viral for showing off their sushi bake? You’ll never know unless you try.

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