Dolly Parton Joins TikTok & Shares New Song “Berry Pie”

TikTok has welcomed another legend. New Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member Dolly Parton has joined TikTok, and she’s come bearing a new song about baking. In one of her first TikTok videos, the “9 to 5” singer unveiled a new holiday song — appropriately titled “Berry Pie” — that fans can use as a sound on the social platform. “I like to cook, and I love to bake / Bread and cookies and pies and cake,” she sings. Honestly, same.

Parton unveiled her new account on Dec. 4, sharing a montage of memorable moments from her career with the caption, “I have arrived!” In a follow-up, she joked about her fashionably late arrival to the platform: “Better late than never!”

Her first videos with new content came the next day, as she asked her fans to share their own baking blunders as she messed up the decorations on her own cake. “I refuse to settle for anything less than cake,” she quipped, as her new song played in the background. In less than 24 hours, Parton has already amassed more than half a million TikTok followers — and likely activated their sweet tooths as well.

While Parton’s foray into TikTok is more than welcome, she didn’t need to join the platform for her impact to be felt, as #DollyTok is already a very popular genre and community on the site. According to Variety, TikTok videos with the hashtags #DollyParton and #DollyTok have amassed more than 6 billion views. Parton responded to this wave of popularity by sharing a compilation of fans’ TikToks from over the years, highlighting everything from classic Parton costumes and latte art to dance routines set to her biggest hits.

Hilariously, Parton ran into some trouble joining TikTok nearly a year before she actually did. In September 2021, fans were outraged after TikTok seemingly kicked Parton off the platform just a day after posting what looked to be her first video. “Why hello, I guess I’m on TikTok!” the singer said in the now-deleted video. “I just dropped in to say that it will be okay… If I can do it, so can you … I believe in you.” However, it turns out that the account was a very convincingly fake, which the website realized before everyone else did. Parton’s current account is verified, proving that nobody can rip off the Queen of Country.

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