The 3 Best Universal Remotes For Fire Stick

While the newest Fire Stick remote is capable of controlling many — but not all — of the most popular TVs, soundbars, and other devices that use infrared technology, older models can only use Bluetooth to communicate and may not work with your entire entertainment system. So if you want one controller for your Fire Stick and other devices, the best universal remotes for Fire Stick are actually adapters that allow you to easily manage all of your equipment with your current Fire Stick remote. There’s an option below to accommodate each style and generation of the Fire Stick remote, from the eldest first generation to the most recent Alexa Voice remote.

What To Look For In A Universal Remote For The Amazon Fire Stick

Earlier generations of the Fire Stick and its remote use Bluetooth to transmit data, which is why you can’t use an older Fire Stick remote to control infrared devices. However, the third-generation Alexa Voice remote that comes with the newest Fire Stick has both Bluetooth and infrared capabilities and can communicate with many devices — but it’s not compatible with all brands and models. So, whether you have an early-generation Fire Stick remote or simply own devices that the latest model won’t work with, a universal adapter is a great solution. These attach easily to your Fire Stick remote and allow it to communicate with infrared devices. One thing to note: While there are some Bluetooth-enabled universal remotes available, there are no highly rated, affordable options currently on Amazon, so I haven’t included them in this list.

When choosing an adapter, you’ll want to consider the number of devices you have and, consequently, how many buttons you’d like the remote to have. Some adapters come with an array of buttons to control multiple devices and carry out many functions, while others stick to the basics — ideal if you’re just looking to turn on a soundbar, for example. Additionally, they vary in how they make your Fire Stick look and feel. Some may add bulk, while others commit to the sleek and minimal design of the original Fire Stick remote. No matter which style you choose, be sure to double-check the compatibility of the adapter, as some only support certain Fire Stick remote models.

When you’re ready to stop fumbling for the clicker, scroll on for the best universal remote adapters for the Fire Stick.

1. This Highly Rated Minimal Pick That Supports All Generations Of Fire Sticks

No matter which version of the Fire Stick remote you have, this universal adapter slides on easily and allows you to control both the Fire Stick and the infrared devices in your entertainment center. It has programmable buttons for up to eight devices and can be easily set up using your original infrared remotes — there’s a convenient video in the listing to show you how. Just don’t forget to grab some AAA batteries because this adapter needs two of them to function (not included).

One reviewer wrote: “It works great. I’m extremely happy with it. Using more than one remote to control your firestick, TV, soundbar, amp, etc. is annoying. […] Instructions are simple and easy to set up. Right out of the box, I’m controlling everything I need in less than 5 minutes.”

Compatibility: All Fire Stick remotes | Connectivity: Infrared TVs, soundbars, and other devices | Programmable Buttons: 8 | Controllable Devices: 8

2. An Adapter That’s Pre-Programmed For Samsung TVs And Roku Boxes

This universal adapter for Fire Stick remotes is conveniently pre-programmed for Samsung TVs and Roku boxes, but the buttons can be programmed to work with all major brands, including LG, Vizio, Sony, and more. It’s designed to work with the second and third-generation Fire Stick remote (it’s not compatible with first-generation remote) and has a convenient front and back design that’s packed with buttons to control up to four infrared devices, including cable receivers, audio components, and more. You’ll need two AAA batteries (not included) to power the device.

One reviewer wrote: “This remote was exactly what I was looking for. I tried and returned two other way more expensive universal remotes because they didn’t work with my equipment or were too complicated for my family to use. This remote is perfect. I can now control my Vizio TV, Vizio sound bar, DVD player, Apple TV and still control my Firestick with the original Firestick remote attached to this one. And the price is just right too.”

Compatibility: 2nd and 3rd generation Fire Stick remotes | Connectivity: Infrared TVs, soundbars, and other devices | Programmable Buttons: None | Controllable Devices: 4

3. A 1st-Generation Remote Adapter With A Slim Profile

If you have a first-generation Fire Stick remote and want to maintain its slim profile, this universal remote adapter is for you. It features a sleek slide-on design and 11 programmable buttons, including A, B, and C buttons that can be programmed for three different infrared devices. Step-by-step programming instructions are included in the listing, and the two AAA batteries needed for operation are included.

One reviewer wrote: “We got rid of two controllers — JVC TV and Vizio soundbar — with this bad boy. Set up took all of five minutes and immediately lifted us from below a cluster of remotes. Must-have for Firestick owners!”

Compatibility: 1st generation Fire Stick remote | Connectivity: Infrared TVs, soundbars, and other devices | Programmable Buttons: 11 | Controllable Devices: 3

Also Great: A Replacement Remote For Fire Stick

Compatible with a variety of Fire TV Sticks (except for the first-generation), this replacement remote for the Fire Stick uses both Bluetooth and infrared technology to communicate with many devices on the market, so it could be an easy solution for universal control of your entertainment system. It has preset app buttons for quick navigation to Netflix, Hulu, and more and includes the two AAA batteries needed for use. Just keep in mind that while Amazon notes this remote is “compatible with most Fire TV streaming media players and other popular TVs, soundbars, and A/V receivers,” there’s no way to confirm your non-Amazon device is compatible before purchasing.

One reviewer wrote: “This was a replacement remote for my original one. Since I am far from tech savvy, I expected an afternoon of cursing and screaming. Much to my surprise, I had the old one cancelled and the new one ready to go in five minutes!”

Compatibility: Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Stick (2nd generation and later), Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Cube (1st generation), Fire TV (3rd generation, Pendant design) | Connectivity: Many Bluetooth and infrared TVs, soundbars, and other devices

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