Where Is Tyler Now After ‘Bachelor In Paradise’? He & Brittany Broke Up

Though the Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 split week had many casualties, it also gave way to one of the season’s strongest relationships: Tyler Norris and Brittany Galvin. The pair clicked right away and continued their relationship at the beach, too. “The first night, we talked for hours,” Tyler told Bustle in October. “Everyone else went to bed, and we were up until 3 or 4 a.m., just talking. Right then and there, I was like, OK, obviously I have something good. We can talk about anything. It’s fun. My head was just thinking that I found something pretty awesome.”

He even added that he had a potential in with Brittany’s family — a small bit of Filipino ancestry, which Tyler learned about just before going on the show. “She’s like, ‘No way, my mom would absolutely love that,’” Tyler recalled.

By the end of their time in Paradise, Tyler and Brittany agreed to leave the beach together as a couple. Despite meeting each other’s families, things started to go downhill, though. As Tyler explained during the Nov. 22 Paradise reunion, Brittany sought out some space and traveled to Italy, only to break up with him over FaceTime. “She just felt like, we were two different people living two different lives, and she just couldn’t do it anymore,” Tyler said.

According to Tyler, it happened on the same day that his and Rachel Recchia’s Bachelorette breakup episode aired.

Brittany said despite their relationship being “at an all-time high” upon leaving Paradise, those feelings gradually changed, and she “didn’t really know how to, like, articulate [her] thoughts and feelings in a way that wasn’t going to hurt [Tyler].” She also disagreed with Tyler’s version of events, telling him that she asked for a break, only for Tyler to continue reaching out during their time off. “It was too much,” she said.

Twitter reacted to the emotional conversation — and, especially, the painful timing of it all.

So, where is Tyler today? He seems to still be single, but has been keeping up with his fellow Bachelor Nation alums — including Mario Vassall, with whom he recently launched the World Fit Tour boot camp.

He also supported Johnny DePhillipo after they shared a heart-to-heart moment at the Nov. 22 reunion. “Always got your back brotha,” he wrote on his story after the finale aired.

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