Wander + Ivy Restaurant-Quality Single-Serve Wines

There are two types of people I find the hardest to shop for: Those with very specific tastes and those who want “anything” (and really mean it). That’s where these variety sets of wines single-serve wines come in — and yes, they taste way better than you’d expect from single-serve wines. Wander + Ivy offers restaurant-quality wines in packs with various mixes of reds, whites, and roses, so there is plenty to choose from to suit any palate. Add the fact that it already comes in a gift box, and gifting couldn’t be easier.


  • Sourced from award-winning vineyards
  • Low-sulfite, organic wines
  • Each bottle is made of luxe glass but is also twist-open for ease
  • Available in 4, 8, 16, or 24 packs
  • Free shipping on orders with 24 bottles or more
  • Subscribe for a 20% off discount

Sure, it’s what’s inside that counts, but Wander + Ivy’s packaging sums up the brand well: Chic yet practical. First, there are the bottles. They’re made from substantial glass and feel elegant in your hand like you’d expect from a quality bottle of wine. However, at 6.3 ounces each, they contain a hefty single glass of wine (5 ounces is considered a standard pour) or two smaller ones, making it convenient for travel or those who just don’t want to commit to a whole bottle. The cap is a sleek soft matte black, but it’s also a twist-open lid so you don’t have to worry about the bottle opener.

According To Reviewers

Sure, the packaging is convenient, but wine drinkers also back up the taste, as evidenced by its 4.7-star rating from shoppers. This is what they have to say:

  • “Excellent wine and love that it is one glass of wine in each bottle. Given some as gifts with reports back, they love the wine. I’ll be ordering more!”
  • “I keep ordering because this is the best single serve bottled wine on the market.”
  • “I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the wine. The reds were bold but had a clean finish. The rose was crisp and dry and fantastic. I highly recommend trying this.”
  • “Finally a good single serve wine that isn’t cheap from the grocery store. I love wine (Spanish wine mostly) but I only drink one glass And to get good wine I usually have to go out or waste half a bottle but not anymore!”
  • And according to The Zoe Report editor Caroline Goldstein: “Wander + Ivy’s wines are eminently drinkable, and the quality is the same that I’d expect when I order a glass of wine at a restaurant. […] I’m partial to the red blend — specifically, a blend of 55% Bobal and 45% Merlot — for its smooth, slightly spicy palate that paired just as well with my red-sauce pasta dinner as it did the salted-almond dark chocolate I had for dessert.”

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