Think Keeping Your House Nice Has To Be Hard? These Clever Things Will Prove You Wrong

While it does take a little effort to make sure your house looks good, in reality, it’s a lot easier than it sounds. Small things — like dusting once a week, or minimizing clutter — can make a world of difference as long as you’re consistent. And with help from a few of these clever products, you shouldn’t have any trouble making sure your home looks (and stays looking) as nice as it can.

From telescopic dusters to a variety of organizers, I’ve made sure to include items that all kinds of homes can benefit from using. But if that isn’t enough? Many of the products you’ll find below are also stylish, like this entryway organizer, or this docking station. That way you can make sure your house is just as functional as it is fashionable — and all it takes is adding a few of these items to your cart. Keep scrolling for more.


This Stain Remover That’s So, So Powerful

Red wine, tomato sauce, chocolate — this stain remover is so potent that it can handle all of them and more. The best part? It’s suitable for use on nearly any type of fabric or upholstery, as the formula is free from any harsh peroxides, chlorine, or perfumes.


A Heavy-Duty Grill Scraper That Won’t Shed Bristles

Since this scraper is made without any bristles, there’s no need to worry about it shedding into your grill or food. Multiple grooves around the edge mean you can use it with nearly any type of grill grate — and there’s even a loop in the middle so that you can hang it up in storage.


These Potent Stain Removers That Tackle Unwanted Pet Odors

Since most regular stain removers won’t work on those stubborn pet accidents, it may be time to bust out these ultra-potent sprays. Not only are they tough on those stains, but the citrus scent also leaves your home smelling refreshed after just a few spritzes. Plus, they’re just as effective on the hardwood as they are on fabrics.


A Microfiber Duster With A Helpful Telescopic Handle

Can’t quite reach your fan blades? Not a problem — just grab this telescopic duster. The handle extends out from 27 to 47 inches, making it easy to reach distant fan blades, light fixtures, shelves, and more. The head is also made from soft microfiber, which means it’ll hold onto all that dirt and dust until you’re ready to shake it out.


The Mop Pads That You Can Use Over & Over

Unlike the disposable mop pads you’ve probably been using, these ones can be washed and reused as many times as you like. They’re sized to fit most wet mops, and the microfiber material means they’ll latch onto dirt whether they’re wet or dry.


These Drawer Dividers That Help You Get Organized

I’m currently using these drawer dividers to help keep my kitchen utensils organized, but they’ll work just as well with everything from art supplies to underwear. The ends are tipped with soft rubber, helping keep them in place as well as protect your drawer from scratches — and each one is even made from sleek bamboo instead of plastic.


The Storage Bins That Can Hold Up To 20 Pairs Of Shoes

If you’re running out of closet space, consider transferring your seasonal shoes into these storage bins. Their slim profile allows you to easily slide them underneath your bed, and they can hold up to 20 pairs in total — 16 regular shoes, as well as four pairs of larger boots. Plus, the reinforced handles make them easy to pull out whenever you need something.


A Compact Organizer That Can Hold Up To 93 Batteries

Almost every home has that one drawer filled with loose batteries, so why not open up some space by moving them into this organizer? Despite its compact size, there’s enough space for up to 93 batteries — from Ds to AAAs — and there are even holes in the back so that you can mount it to a wall for easy access.


This Sleek Organizer With Space For Up To 8 Palettes

Not only can this organizer hold up to eight makeup palettes, but the sleek acrylic frame is sure to seamlessly match however you’ve decorated your vanity. You can also adjust the seven dividers on the inside to fit larger palettes as needed — and the slim profile means you shouldn’t have any trouble fitting it inside of a drawer.


A Hanging Organizer With Space For Up To 8 Purses

Don’t clutter up your closet shelves with purses — instead, store them inside of this hanging organizer. Eight large pockets give you tons of room for bags of nearly any size. And since the pockets are transparent, it’s easy to see which bag is stored where (without having to unpack anything).


These Over-The-Door Organizers That Add Space To Tight Pantries

Not only are these over-the-door organizers an easy way to add storage space to cramped pantries, but they’re also versatile enough that you can use them to store everything from toiletries to ketchup bottles. Stainless steel hooks on the top keep them firmly secured to your door — and many reviewers appreciated how they were “easy to install.”


A Jewelry Box That’s Easy To Take With You

Letting necklaces and earrings roam freely throughout your suitcase is an easy way for them to get tangled, so why not grab this jewelry box? Multiple compartments on the inside help protect your delicate pieces from damage, while the polyester-velvet finish gives it a luxurious touch. Choose from four colors: dusty pink, emerald velvet, navy blue, or periwinkle blue.


This 2-Tier Lazy Susan Made With Stainless Steel

Place this lazy Susan in a cabinet, and it’ll make it way easier to reach any items stashed in the far back. It’s made from tough stainless steel, which means it won’t rust over time — and the brushed exterior helps keep it clean from fingerprints. Plus, the raised rim around the edge works to keep items from falling off.


A Desk Organizer That’s Perfect For All Sorts Of Documents

Papers, notebooks, folders — this desk organizer is a tidy spot to stash all of them. It’s made from scratch-resistant steel, with a reinforced frame for added durability. Plus, the black epoxy finish is sure to blend effortlessly no matter how you’ve decorated your home office.


These Fridge Bins That Can Help Reduce Food Waste

It’s almost too easy to forget what’s stashed in the back of a disorganized fridge, so why not prevent food waste by using these bins? They’re made from clear plastic, making it easy to see what’s inside with just a glance — and they’re large enough to fit everything from soda cans to bundles of grapes.


A Recipe Organizer That Comes With 50 Cards

The clear sleeves inside of this organizer are a smart way to make sure that your recipe cards don’t get damaged while you’re cooking. There’s enough space inside for up to 100 cards — and each order even comes with 50 blank ones to get you started. Divider tabs on the inside also let you organize your recipes into six categories, including appetizers, soups, desserts, and more.


This Docking Station With Space For All Your Essentials

With space for phones, smart watches, wallets, and more, this docking station is a stylish way to keep all your daily essentials stored in one place. It’s made from real wood and there are even multiple gaps that allow you to thread charging cables through.


A Broom Holder That Can Easily Hold Up To 50 Pounds

Whether your broom closet or garage could use some organizing, this organizer can probably help. Each clamp is lined with grippy rubber, allowing them to hold onto brooms, gardening tools, sports equipment, and more. It also features hooks where you can hang up everything from scrubbers to oven mitts — and with a weight limit of up to 50 pounds, there’s no need to worry about overloading it.


The Toiletry Bag That’s Fashionable & Functional

Not only does this toiletry bag have a chic exterior, but it also unfolds into four compartments, giving you tons of space to store makeup, soaps, and more. A loop on the top lets you hang it up so that you can easily access everything — and you even have the choice of three colors: sage, mauve, or cream.


This LED Puck Light Is So Easy To Install

Whether your closets are dark or you’d like some chic under-cabinet lighting, this puck light is right up your alley. Installation is as easy as pressing it into place using the included adhesive, and it only requires three AA batteries to provide up to 100 hours’ worth of light.


These Straps That Help Keep Your Fitted Sheet In Place

Tired of your fitted sheet riding up over your mattress? Then make sure to take a look at these straps. Heavy-duty clips work to keep your sheet firmly in place, and the elastic straps can be adjusted to fit mattresses of nearly any size.


An Entryway Organizer With Space For Keys, Mail & More

Not only does this entryway organizer have hooks for up to six sets of keys, but there’s also a bonus shelf on the top where you can place mail, pens, glasses, and more. Installation is a total breeze using the included adhesive — and the waterproof finish means you can also use it in the bathroom to store scrubbers.


The Shower Liner With Rustproof Grommets Along The Top

There’s no need to worry about this shower liner corroding over time, as the grommets along the top are made from rustproof metal. Three magnets on the bottom also help keep it from billowing out or in while you’re bathing — and you even have eight colors to choose from, including a trendy shade of beige.


A Protective Sheet That Can Help Your Mattress Last Longer

Sweat and spills can cause your mattress to break down faster, making this protective fitted sheet a smart investment. It’s made from ultra-thin polyester — not vinyl — which means it won’t crinkle uncomfortably while you’re on top of it. Many reviewers also described it as “good quality” at a “great price.”


These Sleek Apothecary That Are Surprisingly Versatile

Whether you need somewhere to store cotton rounds or dental flossers, these apothecary jars are a stylish option that’s worth a look. They’re made from smooth, clear plastic, with a fitted lid to help protect everything inside from dust. Each order also includes four pre-printed labels to help you keep everything organized: one for cotton balls, swabs, pads, as well as floss picks.


A Towel Rack That You Can Also Use For Wine

You can easily store a bottle of red or white on this rack in the kitchen, or you can layer towels in the bathroom. It’s made from tough steel, with a rust-resistant finish to help keep it looking good in humid bathrooms — and there’s even a small shelf on the top for extra storage space.


This Bamboo Bath Mat That’s Straight From The Spa

Bring a touch of the spa to your bathroom with this sleek bath mat. It’s made from real bamboo wood, with a water-resistant finish to help keep it looking good over time. And with nonslip gaskets on the back, there’s no need to worry about it shifting out of place on wet floors.


A Utensil Holder That Rotates For Easy Access

Not only does this utensil organizer feature a rotating base, but multiple dividers on the inside also help keep your stirrers, spatulas, and more from getting tangled up. The matte exterior is also perfectly on trend — and unlike ceramic organizers, the stainless steel frame won’t shatter if dropped.


These Gap Covers That Help Prevent Drippy Stovetop Messes

Lay these covers overtop the gap between your stove and your counters — they’ll help keep liquids and spills from dripping down the sides. Each one is made from heat-resistant silicone, so there’s no need to remove them when cooking. You also have the choice of four colors to match nearly any stove: clear, black, white, or grey.


The Rug Grippers That You Can Easily Clean Underneath

Unlike the rug tape you’ve likely seen in stores, these grippers rely on a hook-and-loop system (similar to Velcro) to keep your rugs secured firmly to your floors. The result? You can easily lift them up to clean underneath without having to worry about them losing their adhesion — and many reviewers wrote about how they “work great.”


A Large Basket That You Can Fold Down For Easy Storage

Blankets, throw pillows, toys — this large basket is perfect for all sorts of items. It’s made from soft cotton rope, with handles on either side to help you carry it around. And if you ever decide you no longer need it, simply fold it up for easy storage.


This Double-Sided Pet Blanket That’s Also Waterproof

Not only is this pet-friendly blanket waterproof, but it’s also double-sided — so it’s almost like you’re getting two blankets for the price of one. It’s also suitable for outdoor and indoor use, making it great for lazy days at home as well as camping trips. Choose from seven colors: blue, beige, chocolate, green, grey, pumpkin, or yellow.


A Pleated Bed Skirt That Comes In 14 Different Colors

From crisp white to bright orange, this bed skirt is an elegant (and colorful) way to hide all that stuff you’ve got stored underneath your bed. It’s made from 100% polyester, with kick-pleat details as an elegant touch. Reviewers were also blown away by how good the quality is despite the low price, with one writing that “This is the best bedskirt ever.”


The Microfiber Duster That Reaches Deep Underneath Furniture

You don’t have to get down on your hands and knees to clean underneath your furniture — just grab this duster. The handle extends out from 40 to 55 inches, making it easy to sweep up all sorts of dust and debris. You can also use it wet or dry, and the head won’t let go of dirt until you’re ready to shake it out.


A Boot Scraper That Helps Keep Your Floors Clean

Scraping dirt off your shoes is one of the easiest ways to help your floors stay clean, so why not place this scraper mat outside by your front door? The tough coconut fibers easily brush away everything from mud to grass, and the mat itself is even so durable that you won’t have to bring it inside when the weather turns bad.


This Coat Rack With Thousands Of Positive Reviews

With its sleek wood base and stylish metal hooks, it should come as no surprise that reviewers are in love with this coat rack. Installation is a total breeze using the included anchors — and if you’re short on space, it’s a smart alternative to free-standing racks. More than 10,000 reviewers also awarded it either four or five stars, with one writing that it’s “sturdy, and easy to install!”


An Organizer That Keeps Your Pans Looking Neat & Tidy

Letting your pans nest inside of each other can scratch away at the non-stick surface, which is only part of the reason why this organizer is such a smart buy. There’s space for more than 10 pans, lids, or even plates, and the dividers are adjustable — just in case your cookware is on the thicker side. You can also expand it from 12 to 22 inches, allowing it to fit snugly inside a cabinet.


These Shelves That Fit Neatly Into Tight Corners

Not sure how to utilize that empty corner? Consider using these shelves to create some cute storage, as they’re large enough for toiletries, spice bottles, office supplies, and more. You can also adjust how they’re positioned by sliding them left or right — and the bamboo uppers make them look way more expensive than $27.


A Splashguard That Helps Keep Sink Mess To A Minimum

Place this splashguard around your kitchen sink faucet, and it’ll catch any stray drips to help your counters stay clean. It’s made from 100% silicone, making it easy to wipe clean — and you can even trim it to fit larger faucets as needed. Choose from two colors: grey or black.


The Door Stoppers That Help Save Walls From Damage

Unlike those noisy spring stoppers you’ve likely seen, these silicone stoppers are completely silent, as they’re thick enough to absorb noise and save your walls from damage. Their adhesive backings allow for easy installation — and they’re even sticky enough to attach to nearly any surface, from drywall to glass.

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