The 50 Cheapest, Most Clever Home Upgrades On Amazon

Switching things up every now and then is what keeps life exciting. Remember when you got a new pair of sneakers as a kid, and you felt like you could run faster and jump higher? As grownups, the focus is now on updating our homes. But I still feel like a new set of dishes makes dinner taste better and that a cozy new comforter on my bed helps me sleep better. Simply put, upgrades are fun. Except now, they can be pretty expensive. That’s why Amazon is my favorite place when the mood to refresh my home space hits. You can find so many clever home upgrades on Amazon for really cheap, and you can read reviews and check ratings before you put them in your cart. What do you have to lose?

If you’re sitting there thinking, “Time is what I have to lose,” worry not. I’ve taken the time to check out some of the most clever (and cheap) home upgrades among hundreds on Amazon, and I’m here to share the very best with you. Check out this peel-and-stick wallpaper that lets you create a focal wall with the look of vintage wood. And I really love this hanging closet organizer that keeps shirts or sweaters neat and at eye level. All these products have hundreds — if not thousands — of satisfied customer reviews, letting you weigh the pros and cons of your potential purchase.

Keeping reading as I let you in on some of my favorite cheap home upgrades.


This Lightweight Sheet Set That Comes In Dozens Of Colors & Patterns

Dress up your bed for comfortable sleep with this set of lightweight sheets. Dozens of colors and patterns make it easy to match your other linens and decor, while the microfiber construction is gentle on your skin. These sheets are easy to maintain in your machine — I mean, over 200,000 reviewers can’t be wrong.


A 2-Pack Of Fruit Fly Traps That Blend In With Your Fruits

Get rid of fruit flies effectively with this pack of cute traps. They look like apples, so they blend in with your fruit bowls. A liquid lure draws the flies in and keeps them from escaping, and a built-in window lets you monitor your success. So simple and so cheap.


34% Off The Motion Sensor Lights That Illuminate Shadowy Closets

Perfect for closets or under cabinets, these LED lights feature a motion sensor so that they turn on automatically when they detect movement within 9 feet. They offer up to 50,000 hours of illumination before the batteries need to be replaced, and they have an impressive 4.3-star overall rating after more than 12,000 reviews on Amazon.


This Drawer Organizer For Neat & Tidy Flatware

Got a drawer full of silverware that could use a little tidying up? This organizer expands to fit nearly any drawer, and gives you tons of organized space for flatware, art supplies, and more. It’s also made from sleek bamboo — not plastic — and many reviewers wrote about how it’s “well made.”


These LED Light Bars That Are Easy To Install Nearly Anywhere

Dark hallways got you stumbling around at night? Place these LED light bars along your hallway to help brighten things up. Installation doesn’t require any complicated wiring, as they easily stick right into place using the included adhesive. You can also use screws for a more permanent mounting — and each one only needs three AA batteries (not included) to provide hours’ worth of light.


This Magnetic Garage Door Hardware That Updates Without Tools

Deliver a quick, classic update to your garage door with this magnetic garage door hardware. The handles and hinges secure easily to your door with strong magnets — not tools. They stay in place securely no matter how many times you open or close the door. These sure sellers have a 4.8-star rating.


A Pack Of Cabinet Handles That Add An Instant Modern Touch

It’s amazing how easy it is to do a whole kitchen upgrade with this set of cabinet handles. A minimalist design adds a sleek designer touch, and the 30-count pack offers more than enough for every drawer and cabinet. At just $27, these handles offer an inexpensive way to update your space.


A Set Of Solar Pathway Lights For Energy-Efficient Illumination

Warm up the path to your front door with these sweet solar lights. They’re waterproof for safe, lasting outdoor use and 100% solar-powered so you save on batteries. Simply stake them in place along a walkway or your patio for stunning illumination.


This Anti-Skid Textured Bath Mat That Also Helps You Scrub

Help protect your shower floors with this textured bath mat that provides more grip. The unique construction doesn’t need suction cups to keep it from skidding on wet floors. With a rough, loofah-like surface, this mat makes it easy to scrub your feet without bending over. You can pick from five colors to match your bath.


48% Off This Set Of Cooling Pillows Reviewers *Love*

This set of two cooling gel-filled pillows will feel like sleeping in the most luxurious of hotels. They’re designed to provide plush yet gently firm support whether you’re a back, side or stomach sleeper. And best of all, these pillows won’t scrunch or lose their shape as you sleep. With over 100,000 five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers, these pillows are best-sellers for good reason. Check the coupon box to get 40% off.


The Doorbell That’s Easy To Install

There’s no complicated wiring required when installing this doorbell, as it has a wireless range of over 1,000 feet. It comes pre-loaded with 52 different chimes, or one for every week of the year — and each order even includes a battery that the manufacturer states will last for up to three years.


A 2-Pack of Indoor Humidity Meters For Your Living Room And Basement

Monitor temps and humidity in your home and adjust your thermostat accordingly with help from these indoor humidity meters. Magnets let you hang them on the fridge, but you can also use the kickstand to set on a bookshelf or counter. The large LCD screen is easy to read and provides detailed feedback on your readings.


This Hamper That Lets You Separate Lights From Darks

Not only is this hamper made from premium bamboo, but it also features a handy divider down the middle so that you can separate your lights from your darks. Rope handles on either side make it easy to carry around the house, while a flip-top lid keeps all the dirty laundry hidden from sight. Plus, the bottom is even reinforced for added durability.


30% Off An Outlet Extender With A Genius Design & A Shelf

With nine different charging ports and a small shelf (not to mention a 4.7-star overall rating after more than 2,000 reviews), this wall outlet extender can simultaneously charge multiple devices while keeping floor clutter to a minimum. It also features a built-in LED night light that automatically turns on at dusk and off during the day.


This Waterproof Kitchen Mat That Cushions & Supports

Relieve the strain of standing at your sink, stove, or even at your desk with this cushioned kitchen mat. Anti-fatigue gel foam construction offers comfort and posture support, and the PVC exterior is super easy to keep clean with a regular mop or sponge. The contemporary Moroccan pattern delivers a stunning instant update.


These Bamboo Bowls That Are Perfect For Storing Spices

Red pepper flakes, salt, pepper, garlic powder — these bowls are the perfect place to store all sorts of spices, as their rotating lids create a tight seal that helps keep everything fresh. Each one is made from sleek bamboo, with a series of magnets around the rim to help keep the lid on in the event of a spill. And if they ever get dirty? Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth for a quick clean.


This Repair Putty That Covers Up Nail Holes On Drywall, Wood & Plaster

Quickly repair small holes and cracks with this versatile repair putty. It’s ideal for renters who want to get a security deposit back and dries quickly for painting. No sanding is needed to apply this putty. Simply apply, wipe, and then add a little paint.


A Set Of Photo Frames For Your Artwork Or Memories

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a box of favorite photographs just waiting for a frame. This set of photo frames makes it simple to display your memories in an artful way. Use them with or without the included mats — or switch it up across your collage — to create a statement-making wall.


This Memory Foam Pillow That Won’t Leave You Sweating

Sleeping on a solid piece of memory foam can leave you feeling hot at night. Luckily, this pillow is filled with shredded memory foam, allowing air to circulate throughout to help keep you cool while you sleep. The case is also made from soft, breathable bamboo — and you can even adjust the loft by adding or removing foam as needed.


An Airtight Container For Your Coffee Beans

Keep those expensive coffee beans in this air-tight coffee canister so they stay fresh right up to the minute you brew them. Not only does the silicone seal keep air out and prevent stale beans but the canister off-gasses Co2 slowly through a release valve, allowing the beans to age slowly. It also looks gorgeous — there are four colors — on your counter, locks easily with the snap-down clamp, and has a scoop that hangs from the side.


The Double-Tiered Lazy Susan Made From Stainless Steel

If your cabinets are starting to look a little cluttered, this lazy Susan turntable can help tidy things up. A gentle spin is all it needs in order to bring items stashed in the back to the front, making it easy to reach everything without straining. And unlike other turntables you’ve likely seen, this one is made from durable stainless steel that’s unlikely to rust over time.


This Smart Garage Door Control That Works With Bluetooth And Wi-Fi

Life can get busy, which makes you forget simple things — like forgetting to shut the garage door when you leave home or go to bed. This smart garage door control lets you check your door’s status from your phone at work or on vacation. Schedule the system to open when you arrive home, or setup a time to close at night for added security.


A Set Of Edison String Lights That Upgrade The Look Of Your Landscape

Brighten your balcony with the vintage appeal of these waterproof globe string lights. The Edison glass bulbs deliver a throwback look and gentle illumination, and the 25-foot string is ideal for placement along your porch roofline or crisscrossed above your patio. This set comes with two replacement bulbs to keep the party lit.


The Patio Umbrella Light That Lets You Extend Your Outdoor Entertaining

Dinners at dusk can be romantic, but not when you’re in the dark. This patio umbrella light installs easily on standard poles for effortless illumination so you can dine outdoors. Three light settings let you adjust the ambience from dim to bright, and the versatile function is great for use in tents. Battery operation (four AA) supports super-flexible placement.


These Storage Racks That Solve Your Water Bottle Storage Problems

Where to stash that growing collection of water bottles? They have become a staple of modern life but the standard kitchen cupboard is not ready. This water bottle organizer makes it work, though. Each rack holds three bottles, lying down in concave compartments so they don’t roll. And you can stack the racks — or line them up horizontally — to accommodate your entire collection. This is a set of two.


The Doormat That Can Handle Heavy Weather

With its weatherproof surface that’s resistant to moisture, this doormat is so heavy-duty that you can leave it outside all year round. Once dirty, it’s easily cleaned with help from a rag along with a few spritzes of water — and it’s even completely BPA-free.


A Silicone Weather Strip That Stops Drafts Under The Door

It’s amazing how that little gap underneath an exterior door can add to your utility bill. This door draft stopper installs easily and helps keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The 3M adhesive holds the silicone strip securely in place, eliminating the need for a toolbox.


A Compact Power Strip With 3 USB Plugs

Bring all the power you need right to your desk with this cute power strip that has three standard plugs and three USB plugs. Its high-speed charging will keep all your gear powered and it’s smart enough to know what each device is looking for in a charge. And the adorable cube shape makes it small enough to pack along when you work from a cafe.


These Floating Shelves That Are ‘Great For Smaller Spaces’

Got a blank wall you don’t know what to do with? These floating shelves are a stylish addition regardless of where you put them, and they even add some helpful storage space. They’re perfect for potted plants, picture frames, and more. Plus, one reviewer wrote that they’re “great for smaller spaces to add some warmth and texture!”


This Bidet Attachment That Saves On Toilet Paper Purchases

As one reviewer shares, this bidet attachment is “a game changer for toilet paper shortages.” Installation is simple with no need for special tools. The dual-nozzle design delivers a cleansing spray, keeping you cleaner than just toilet paper would. Easy one-hand control supports effortless control.


A Faux Leather Ottoman That Opens Up For Storage

Not only is this ottoman made from stylish faux leather, but the top also lifts off to reveal hidden storage space on the inside. Use it to stash away everything from blankets to magazines — and with a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds, you can even use it as an extra seat when guests come over.


These Mirror Lights That Eliminate The Need For A Separate Vanity

Turn any old mirror into a makeup mirror and save on space with these vanity mirror lights. A DIY design is easy to set up without the need for tools or drilling. The brilliant LEDs last long, and smart touch dimmer allows effortless light control. Use these versatile lights for more than just mirrors; they work well artistic illumination throughout your space.


A 2-in-1 Sink Stopper That Keeps Your Pipes Free From Clogs

Stop food scraps from clogging up your drain with this sink stopper. Like a regular drain plug, it lets you fill the sink with suds for dish washing. Then, when you’re done, simply twist the tab open for draining along with straining. What an ingenious design. The stainless steel and silicone construction offers years of use.


This Under-Table Drawer For Office Or Crafting Supplies

Organize a crafting table or a minimalist desk with this under-table drawer. You can stick it anywhere you need a little storage. The adhesive delivers a secure hold (on a clean surface), letting you attach it in seconds. Use this drawer for everything from paperclips to charging cables.


This Drain Stopper That Creates A Seal Over Your Drain

Replace a leaky stopper for a more enjoyable soak in the tub with these drain stopper. The suction-cup design fits drains of almost every size and ensures a tight fit that keeps water from seeping through. It’s made of sturdy stainless steel and silicone construction.


A Sleek LED Desk Lamp With A Wireless Charging Base

I love finding things that serve more than one purpose — and look good while doing it. This modern desk lamp offers minimalist appeal, ample lighting for work, a USB port for peripherals, and has a wireless base that charges your phone while you work. Adjust the lamp for personalized brightness levels and reduced eyestrain.


A Motion-Activated Toilet Light With Over 21,000 Reviews

Know where you go with this clever motion-activated toilet light. The LEDs cycle through eight brilliant hues, or you can choose your favorite color to light up the night. This toilet light stays on for two minutes, making it ideal (and fun) to use. Many reviewers have said this pack of two is cheaper than one from a well-known brand.


This Mattress Pad That Won’t Shift Out Of Place

You won’t have to worry about this mattress pad shifting out of place while you sleep, as its extra-deep pockets easily fit taller mattresses. It’s made from a breathable microfiber-bamboo blend, allowing air to circulate to help you stay cool at night. Plus, it’s also available in extended sizes, including California king and twin XL.


This Wall-Mounted Pots & Pans Holder Made With Durable Iron

This pots and pans rack is a total must-have for anyone upgrading their kitchen. It’s made with durable iron that’s decorative (thanks to the powder-coated finish), and it’s complete with 15 hooks for displaying your kitchen necessities. Plus, it’s so strong that it can hold up to 22 pounds and comes with wall-mounting tools.


The Weighted Blanket That Can Help You Fall Asleep

Always tossing and turning at night? This weighted blanket might be able to help. Snuggling underneath it feels like you’re being wrapped in a gentle hug, which can help ease anxiety to help you fall asleep. And while it may be heavy, that doesn’t mean it’s hot — the breathable fabric allows air to circulate so that you don’t grow sweaty at night.


A Glowing Charging Station With Room For 6 Electronics

This charging station is designed to hold and power up to six different devices at once, and it comes with six short charging cables to help prevent cluttered wires (including three micro-USB and three Type-C). The clear dividers help separate each device, and they’ll glue in a blue hue when each item is being charged.


A Set Of Self-Watering Planters That You Can Hang On Your Porch

It’s hard to remember to water your plants on a schedule. Thankfully, this set of hanging planters does it for you. A simple design features a netted inner pot to drain extra water away from the roots, and the second pot keeps it ready for when your plant actually needs it. Easy — and totally inexpensive.


This TV Backlight Strip That Will Transform Movie Night

Peel and stick this strip of LED lights to the back of your TV, plug them into one of the USB plugs right on your TV, and create a better viewing experience. They increase the ambient light and prevent eye strain while making the dark colors seem darker so the bright ones pop. “I’m obsessed with this product!” said one reviewer. “I’m actually mad I haven’t had this all my life. It looks amazing and fancy lighting up my TV area.”


A Pair Of Storage Bags That Easily Slide Under Your Bed

Whether your closet is stuffed with seasonal blankets or clothes, these storage bags are an easy way to help open up some extra space. They slide underneath your bed, staying out of the way until you need something — and the reinforced handles make it easy to pull them back out. Choose from three colors: black, gray, or java.


This Powerful Sprinkler That’s Totally Customizable

This sprinkler is unlike many others because it’s totally customizable. You can adjust how much water will be emitted and determine which direction you want the water to go. It can even cover a total of 3,875 square feet, helping to ensure your lawn is hydrated in no time.


These Food Storage Containers That Help Save Space

Since these food storage containers can be stacked on top of each other, you shouldn’t have any trouble maximizing the amount of space you have in your pantry. They’re perfect for all sorts of dry ingredients — from red lentils to granola — and each order even includes a set of chalkboard labels to help you keep everything organized.


A Hanging Closet Organizer For Sweaters, Towels, Shoes & More

Organize your closet without having to invest in expensive modular solutions. This hanging closet organizer has five cubbies for your accessories, sweaters, or towels, while six side pockets make space for accessories. Two hooks keep it balanced on your closet rod for a neat look and effective use.


A Cushion Support Insert That Refreshes Your Couch

Stop before you put your favorite couch out on the curb. This furniture cushion support insert can revive and refresh, saving you cash and keeping your standby sofa around. It folds out to fit pieces ranging from love seats to three-person couches, and a protective layer of vinyl helps you keep it clean.


This Wi-Fi Extender That Helps Eliminate Weak Spots In Your Home Network

Expand the reach of your home Wi-Fi network with this compact plug-in extender. It uses standard outlets for simple integration, and a smart indicator light lets you know that it’s working. OneMesh technology works with compatible routers to extend your coverage by up to 1,200 feet for up to 20 devices.


This Organizer That Adds So Much Space To Your Pantry

Condiments, cleaning supplies, spices — this over-the-door organizer is perfect for all sorts of pantry items. 24 pockets give you tons of storage space, while their transparent walls make it easy to see what’s inside without having to unpack anything. Plus, the strong hooks at the top allow you to hang it over any standard-sized door without any drilling necessary.


An Almond Stick Scratch & Stain Remover That Refurbishes Wooden Furniture

Worn wooden furniture can be renewed. Simply apply a little of this scratch and stain remover, wipe, and be amazed by the results. The colorless formula goes on easily — with no unwanted odor — and leaves behind a lasting smooth look that refreshes your heirloom pieces.


This Universal Knife Holder That Holds Knives Of Every Size & Type

Knife storage shouldn’t come in a one-size formula, and this universal knife block puts that idea to rest for good. The slot-less design holds your knives in place and lets you clear out your knife drawer with ample room for all. There’s even a spot for scissors. The contemporary stainless exterior adds a modern touch to your space.

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