Kim Kardashian’s Neon Green Stiletto Nails Are Giving Me Life

This week, Kim Kardashian has not only blessed us with one iconic long nail moment — but two. And if you know anything about the multi-faceted mogul and larger-than-life business woman, you know she seldom strays from pinkish neutral tones and naturally short nail lengths when it comes to her manicures …

Yet earlier this week while attending the annual Baby2Baby Gala, the platinum blonde bombshell donned some seriously sharp stiletto nails with very on-trend French tips. And of course: her long nail-loving younger sister Khloé was a major fan to say the least (and Kardashian stans were quick to create memes for the monumental moment).

And just last night, the mom of four arrived at a SKKN by KIM pop-up in California dripped in futuristic silver hues and an unexpected pop of bright green nails — which just so happened to also be ultra-long and sharp. Kim took to her Instagram stories to share, “Khloé would be so proud of me again, look at the nails. They are just press-ons again. I have the girls paint them and then just put the glue behind it so when I get claustrophobic in the car …. Then they come off and I reuse them.”

The Good American founder was quick to respond with her two cents, of course, sharing to her IG stories in all-caps: “I’m so turned on until she says they are press-ons or that she reuses them … You still make me horny Keeks.”

Not only is Kim experimenting with her look when it comes to her root-y platinum blonde (which she admits she plans on keeper a bit longer) — but it seems she is playing with her nails as well, going for longer lengths and more vivid hues than usual. And TBH — her glam Grinch moment is very much of the times, as green pigments are expected to be a major makeup trend this winter.

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