When Is The ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ 2022 Reunion? Everything To Know About The Finale

The longest Bachelor in Paradise season ever is getting ready to wrap up, which means it’s time for the current couples to make things official — or, in some cases, split before leaving the beach. Of course, even the casual Bachelor Nation fan knows that a lot can change between filming and airing (see Rachel Recchia and Tino Franco’s post-Bachelorette breakup and cheating drama).

Fortunately, the cast filmed a reunion on Nov. 4, per Reality Steve, so it should give viewers a much better idea of where the couples are currently. The cast also got together at the Bachelor in Paradise Tastemaker Event the next day, so if you’re one for sleuthing, you can analyze the photos and see who’s friendly with each other (and who isn’t). Of course, you can also just watch the thing.

The reunion will be part of the two-night season finale, which will air on Monday, Nov. 21 and Tuesday, Nov. 22. So you won’t need to wait long to see the current relationship status of your favorite couples from the beach. If you want to know what happens even earlier than that, there are plenty of Bachelor in Paradise reunion spoilers out there, courtesy of Reality Steve. Just read ahead!

Bachelor In Paradise Reunion Spoilers

First, according to the Bachelor Nation expert commentator, there were some notable absences — and surprise guests, too. Teddi Wright, for example, reportedly doesn’t show up. For some context, Teddi recently wrote about “leaving environments that are cruel” and “sticking to [her] boundaries no matter how many times people in authority try to cross them,” which several viewers interpreted as a comment about her time on the show.

Someone unexpected does show up, though: Greg Grippo, the Bachelorette alum who is rumored to be dating Victoria Fuller. A video posted by Nick Viall does show Victoria planting a kiss on his cheek, following reports that Victoria and Johnny DePhillipo broke up after getting engaged on Paradise.

Speaking of Victoria and Johnny, Reality Steve reports that the reunion “wasn’t pretty” for them — adding that Victoria claimed Johnny insulted her and questioned, “what good was she as a woman.” Johnny reportedly said Victoria had thrown a wine glass at him. Tyler Norris reportedly shared that he heard Victoria cheated and told people she was single.

And on the topic of Tyler, Reality Steve writes that he and Brittany Galvin met each other’s families but later broke up. Brittany reportedly told Tyler she didn’t have money to travel to Los Angeles for a party but then flew to Europe “and broke up with him on FaceTime in Italy.”

Genevieve and Aaron, for their part, didn’t make it off the beach as a couple. But several relationships did — and according to Reality Steve, Serene Russell and Brandon Jones, as well as Michael Allio and Danielle Maltby, are still together.

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