Phoebe Bridgers & Paul Mescal’s Zodiac Signs Are Harmonious

Plenty of magical happenstance happens on Twitter. When it comes to indie singer Phoebe Bridgers and Normal People actor Paul Mescal’s low-key relationship, their relationship started with a pair of flirty tweets in May 2020. (Her message: “finished normal people and now I’m sad and horny oh wait.” His reply: “I’m officially dead.”) That October, they hung out for the first time on Instagram Live — watch it, their chemistry is delightfully awkward — and they’ve been tight-lipped about their budding relationship ever since. Engagement rumors began swirling in April, and now that the couple’s betrothal is confirmed, I can’t blame you for wondering what Phoebe Bridgers and Paul Mescal’s astrology compatibility says about their sweet romance.

Bustle spoke with Megan Michelena, astrologer and co-founder of Zenchronicity, a psychedelic-centered program for healing, to get deep into the fiancés’ respective birth charts to decipher Bridgers and Mescal’s astrological compatibility and how it might impact their relationship.

Phoebe Bridgers And Paul Mescal’s Sun Signs Are Opposites

Every zodiac sign has a sign that sits exactly opposite of it — aka a sister sign. Bridgers (born Aug. 17, 1994) is a mighty Leo sun, a sign known for their big hearts and courage, and Mescal (born Feb. 2, 1996) is an eccentric Aquarius sun, a sign known for their independence and innovation. That means they also share a fixed modality, so they share a similar way of showing up in the world. Fixed signs tend to be loyal.

These two probably share a lust for life. Fire signs are all about passion and following bliss, and air signs are thought-provoking and hopeful. “With this combination of fire and air, they love to travel, experience new things together, and can talk for hours about life and all their hopes and dreams,” says Michelena. Their sun signs show they can probably keep up with each other’s tangents and shared zest to learn and explore together.

Where one lacks, the other shines. “Aquarius, who is known to get bored fast, is kept on his toes with the lioness at his side,” she explains. “This also makes them natural friends, which is great as Aquarians need friendship in their romantic relationships.” Likewise, Aquarians can typically respect Leos’ need for independence.

Phoebe Bridgers And Paul Mescal’s Moon Signs Are At Home With Each Other

Astrologers look at moon signs when discerning astrological compatibility because they reflect people’s emotional responses. It just so happens Bridgers and Mescal’s moons are also opposites, suggesting they may have a natural attraction to each other’s and may balance out each other’s energy. As Michelena puts it, “Their moons are at home with one another.” Mescal’s sensitive Cancer moon may balance Bridgers’ practical Capricorn moon, which requires a ton of encouragement that Cancers tend to provide.

Mescal’s Cancer moon indicates that he may wear his heart on his sleeve, and according to Michelena, Bridgers’ Capricorn moon could “[hold] space for him” and “[allow] her to soften into herself in his safe, loving arms.”

Cancer moons are protective and can support Bridgers’ possible tendency to over-analyze her emotions. On the other hand, Bridgers’ Capricorn moon may help stabilize Mescal’s Cancer moon, which tends to have moody moments. Like all sister signs, this blend of energy creates harmony, which is important since the moon is the most sensitive placement in your birth chart.

Their Intense Venus Signs Spell Magnetic Chemistry

Venus is the epicenter of love and romance, so obviously it’s an important element when looking at astrological compatibility. Mescal’s Venus is in sensitive Pisces and Bridgers’ is in charming and diplomatic Venus in Libra. These signs tend to be relationship-oriented and share a desire for connection and intimacy. A Venus in Pisces can feel misunderstood or isolated in many ways, and Bridgers’ Libra Venus can be a good supporter and loves to encourage Pisces’ out-of-the-box ideas.

“Paul’s Venus sits on Phoebe’s rising sign [in Pisces],” says Michelena, meaning these placements are harmonious together. As Michelena puts it, being in the same sign might mean they may, “escape into their dream world of art and beauty.” This placement in Pisces is deeply romantic, and Bridgers’ flirty Libra rising may be drawn to Pisces’ all-in approach to romance. Overall, their Venus signs blend together, which propose that the couple can be supportive of each other while relating to each other’s needs when it comes to love.

Their Shared Saturn Sign Means They Might Not Always See Things Clearly

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When planets square each other, it indicates there’s pressure and conflict. Bridgers and Mescal’s have the same Saturn sign, which is water sign Pisces. Having a Saturn sign (which expresses your karma) in dreamy Pisces may put them at risk of falling prey to their own assumptions rather than looking objectively at certain situations.

On the other hand, having the same Saturn sign means they may share a formulaic approach to life. “Phoebe and Paul’s compatibility is amplified by many elements of their chart, but one of the more promising ones involves their fated points. “Phoebe’s Venus is in Libra conjunct his Chiron and north node,” says Michelena. Your Chiron represents your deep wounds, while the north node denotes your fate and purpose. This could mean Mescal feels supported to accomplish his goals through Bridgers’ encouraging and empathetic Venus in Libra.

The Verdict

Of course, astrology is only one way of understanding the world, but Bridgers and Mescal have major astrological chemistry— I mean, they literally balance each other out. Their sun and moon signs make it so that they can pick up on each other’s strengths and support the other’s need to grow, but they’re also able to strengthen where they already thrive.

Their birth charts show they may be each other’s muse. Likewise, their astrological compatibility suggests the two can build on a stable foundation with plenty of love and support. With their paths crossing under seemingly-random circumstances, a look at their celestial profiles is reason enough to believe that the Moon Song singer and Aftersun actor are more than a match made on Twitter, but in the stars, too.


Megan Michelena, astrologer and co-founder of Zenchronicity

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