Is Andrew From ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Single? He Misses Teddi

Over the course of his time on Bachelor in Paradise, Andrew Spencer has shared connections with several women — including Brittany Galvin, Jessenia Cruz, and, most recently, Ency Abedin. However, during the show’s Nov. 15 episode, he revealed that he still has feelings for his very first beach flame: Teddi Wright.

The admission came during a tense conversation with Jessenia, where the former couple discussed their split. “My heart’s still with someone else,” Andrew said, revealing that “someone else” was Teddi. “I have nothing here,” he added. “And I tried. I tried. I tried with you. I tried with Brittany. I tried with Ency.” Instead of trying to make a new relationship work this late in the game, Andrew left Paradise. “I can’t move on until I get clarity,” he explained. “I don’t have it.”

Of course, Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 filmed over the summer, several months ago — so it’s possible that Andrew has since found the clarity (and person) he was looking for. His Instagram doesn’t give anything away, but he and Teddi are mutual friends. They’ve both seemed to call out elements of the show, too. After the Nov. 14 episode, Andrew tweeted a clarification about editing that made it look like he went on a date with Ency before talking to Jessenia about it. Similarly, after her self-elimination, Teddi wrote about “leaving environments that are cruel,” and “sticking to [her] boundaries no matter how many times people in authority try to cross them,” which many viewers interpreted as a criticism of her time on Paradise.

During his exit, Andrew explained that he was looking for something serious in his next relationship. “Love is just the most powerful thing in the world,” he said. “And when you can share that with someone that you just, like, cannot live without — that’s what I’m gonna go for.”

He’s been thinking about love since his time on Paradise, too, recently captioning a series of photos, “love is the easiest thing in the world when it happens by accident. But It doesn’t get real until you do it on purpose.”

Earlier this year, Andrew told Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation that he’d be willing to move for a potential partner and doesn’t believe in long-distance relationships. “I’ve already thought about this, and I’m very comfortable with moving anywhere,” he said ahead of his turn on Paradise.

Whether that means moving to be with Teddi remains to be seen. Spoilers ahead. As Reality Steve reports, Teddi was not at the Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 reunion taping.

So, fans won’t be seeing an Andrew and Teddi reunion soon. But from their social media accounts, they both seem single, and perhaps after watching each other confess their feelings for each other on TV this season, that could leave room for them to rekindle their relationship — or, at the very least, reconnect as friends.

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