9 Winter 2023 Makeup Trends That You’re Going To See Everywhere

Dust off your (surprisingly in-fashion) mini platform UGGS and grab your peppermint mochas ASAP, ladies and gents, because the sound of Mariah Carey whistle tones are just about in every store and on every radio station … And just as quickly as cozy fall replaced the heat of summer, the days have become (sadly) shorter and chilly winter is officially upon us. While icy, pine-scented holiday candles are being lit in lieu of seasonal pumpkin pie aromas — this winter’s makeup trends are seeing some major shifts by the day as well.

The beauty trends of fall featured lots of Euphoria-inspired graphic liner, imperfectly lived-in makeup, and bright coral hues to complement the fiery-red changing leaves. And come winter, experts are seeing a bigger focus on glass-like skin (that’s super hydrated to counteract the colder temps), ultra-bold blush applied all-over for a sweet monochromatic vibe, and pops of unexpected colors on the eyes (spoiler: olive green is having it’s main character moment).

Whether you need a total makeup bag refresh, or are craving some inspo come the hectic holiday season — here are the nine makeup trends you’re going to want to experiment with this winter, as told by the experts. Get into it.


An “I’m Cold” Bold Flush

The latest trend sweeping TikTok’s viral platform is winter’s cheeky response to summer’s “sunburn blush” trend — and it’s all about looking as if your complexion has been blasted with icy winter air. Allison Kaye, a Florida-based celebrity makeup artist, says this of the trend: “With so many people being blush lovers, flushed cheeks will be in this winter. Apply near apples of cheeks, up near temples, and blended into the brow bone and cheek bone.” And for a final “I’m cold” touch — sweep a pinch of pigment on the tip of your nose.


Shades Of Green

It’s safe to say that green hues are having their moment — especially on the eyes — and Danessa Myricks’ limited edition Lightwork Vol. IV: Transcendence Palette is the perfect beauty buy to get in on the colorful trend. David Razzano, a professional makeup artist and Sephora’s Beauty Director, says this of the formulas: “There are duo chromes that look like an alchemist fused two metals together, soft glitters that apply so smoothly and create an ethereal twinkle of light, pressed chrome flakes that glide on with a creamy softness but pack the vibrancy of a firework display, and aqua chromes that can be manipulated into precision strokes worthy of your sharpest other-worldly cat eye creations.”


Be Bejeweled

Euphoria was a total cultural reset — and the show’s power is especially seen when it comes to makeup trends. Judi Gabbay, a NY-based celebrity makeup artist, shares: “Don’t put away your rhinestones yet — the trend is still going strong. Don’t be precise with your stones or try to get each eye to match each other perfectly. When placed sporadically on the eyes and temples, it gives that Euphoria vibe we all love.”


Glow-From-Within Skin

Though the winter months are more associated with heavier foundation formulas — radiant skin tints paired with juicy skin prep products have been having their moment. Kaye says of the trend: “Dull and dry skin is one of the cons of wintertime, but with some fabulous new products on the market, people are going to be glowing this winter. I get my celebrity clients’ skin glowing with the Saie Glowy Super Gel Lightweight Dewy Highlighter all over (it basically works like a primer). I also like to use a hydrating setting spray to finish off the look.”


Pops Of Barbie Pink

Across categories (we’re talking red carpet gowns, nails, and more), Barbiecore has been a top trend all through the summer months — and even throughout winter, expected playful pops of fuchsia on the eyes and lips.


Fully Frosted, Glossy Lips

Kylie Jenner, Dua Lipa, Hailey Bieber, and more have been experimenting with icy blue frosted eyes … And Kaye suspects the trend will be all over the lips throughout winter: “As we start to see some ’90s trends come back, I think a frosted glossy lip will be in this winter.”


All-Over Blush

Blush is a trend that has been hot and heavy for a while now, and luckily, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Gabbay shares her tips: “One of my favorite wearable trends for winter has to be an all-over blush. Brighter toned diffused blushes that lift cheekbones and follow up to the temples give an editorial and monochromatic effect. You can even take your blush into the crease of your eyes for a cohesive finish.”


Coquette Lips

The coquette aesthetic is all over TikTok, with doll-like glam moments, oversized hair ribbons, and frilly outfits seen more and more. And this winter, coquette-ish feather-lined lips create that soft vibe. Gabbay says: “Lined lips that feather out toward the center give the ’90s look you want, without the graphic harshness. You can wear alone, with a slightly lighter lipstick, or pair with a lip oil for a juicy pout.”

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