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“Champagne Blonde” & 7 Other Hair Colors You’ll See Everywhere This Winter

The best thing about hair is that you can experiment with different cuts and colors, and it’s never going to be permanent. Not into that blunt bob you just got? That’s OK, it’ll grow back. Another easy way to switch up your strands, of course, is through color — especially since you don’t have to wait for it to grow out; you’re a mere dye job away from a fix. While the summer months were all about light and warm hues, this winter’s trends are more reflective of your natural roots. Expect to embrace champagne blondes, burnt coppers, chocolatey browns, and other shades this season. Read More

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The Strange, Sad, And Hilarious History Of Online Dating

In the 1960s, entrepreneurs like Joan Ball and Jeffrey Tarr pioneered computer-assisted love. It didn’t always end well, writes Samantha Cole in her new book, How Sex Changed the Internet and the Internet Changed Sex: An Unexpected History. In an excerpt, learn the origin stories of the first computer-assisted dating companies, how they worked, and how Gene Shalit — yes, that Gene Shalit — helped put 1966’s hot new dating technology on the map. Read More

The Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Soundtrack Has A Meaningful Easter Egg

Four years ago, Black Panther’s music changed the game for what a superhero movie could sound like — so expectations were high going into the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever soundtrack. Featuring an emotional tune, “Lift Me Up,” from Rihanna, as well as songs penned by local artists in Mexico and Nigeria specifically for the film, you’ll also find a sort of Easter egg if you type in “Wakanda” on Spotify: You may notice your screen’s background turns purple, and if you listen to the app’s official playlist for the film, the same shade will appear in each song’s progress bar — just like the heart herb featured prominently in both Black Panther films. Read More

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This Runner Is A Trailblazer For Indigenous Representation In Fitness

When Verna Volker began running, she noticed few people who looked like her — a self-proclaimed “chubby” middle-aged Native American — represented in the media. So she decided to carve out space for herself and her community on Instagram, where her Native Women Running account quickly took on a life of its own. Now, the group has 30,000 followers across North America, with sponsored teams at top races and annual charitable runs. Volker, who’s run a 100K, four 50Ks, and two 50-milers to date, also works to hold fitness companies accountable on their diversity promises. She told Bustle about her mission to make running more inclusive, one race at a time. Read More

Kim Kardashian Wore Stiletto Nails With French Tips, & I’m Obsessed

If you know anything about Kim Kardashian, you know she’s a short, neutral nail girlie — and although she’s strayed from her typical mani from time to time, her latest had the internet buzzing (and long-nail lover Khloé petitioning her to keep the look longer than just one night). At Saturday’s Baby2Baby Gala, Kim showed off an eye-grabbing, extra-long stiletto mani topped with on-trend, ’90s bombshell French tips. Kardashian stans came in hot with the memes, assuming Kim lost a bet to Khloé — or that Khloé even “strapped her down” for the ultra-long look. Read More


Here’s Your Daily Horoscope

Your cosmic weather report: hopeful, creative, romantic. Read More

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