Think You’ve Tried Every Seltzer Flavor Out There? Mirth Says Think Again

It’s a bit of seltzer renaissance right now, with so many brands out there offering so many different variations. But if you think by this point you’ve seen (or tasted) it all, you’d be mistaken. Mirth Sparkling Water is a brand that prides itself on using natural flavors and a hint of organic cane sugar (rather than artificial sweeteners) to bring you three unexpected combinations: Ginger & Lemongrass, Grapefruit & Juniper, and Chocolate & Mint. And, judging by the reviews, the pairings are a hit.

Mirth was founded by Jeremy Galen, whose earliest memory is of his grandpa teaching him and his twin brother how to use a soda siphon. During the 2020 lockdown, Jeremy decided to try his hand at creating new flavors after growing tired of the same old citrus and berry-flavored bubbles. And from there, Mirth was born.

With just 4 grams of real, organic cane sugar added to enhance the unique natural flavor combinations, the drinks are gluten-free and vegan-friendly. And they’re a perfect non-alcoholic tonic — but they also work well as mixers to give your cocktails a totally unique twist.

The Zinger

Ginger brings a little kick to this sparkling water, while lemongrass adds some citrus flair, for a tangy and slightly savory flavor. One fan agreed, writing, “I’m used to associating lemongrass with really savory dishes, but this is the perfect blend. Zesty ginger and herbaceous lemongrass, really refreshing!”

The Refresher

This Mirth flavor starts off citrusy due to the grapefruit then ends with juniper’s clean finish, for a bright, refreshing beverage. It’s satisfying enough to enjoy on its own — as one enthusiast attested, “It’s like a G+T without the alcohol burn, I’m into it.” But other reviewers loved mixing it with gin, with one writing, “Bars should definitely carry this flavor as a mixer!”

The Dessert

Perhaps the most unexpected flavor combination in Mirth’s seltzer range, this sparkling water is worth popping just to try. But, judging from the reviews, the subtle chocolate taste and the splash of mint is a hit. “You could literally drink this as a dessert” one reviewer marveled. Another agreed: “It’s a dead ringer for mint chocolate chip ice cream, complete with that fruity aftertaste.”

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