Just Because You’re Cheap Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Give Great Gifts — & These Things Under $30 On Amazon Are Proof

There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to dump your entire life savings into a fund called “gifts.” But just because you’re trying to save money doesn’t mean you can’t give great presents — and these things under $30 on Amazon are proof.

Whether you’re shopping for beauty products, kitchen gadgets, or tech-related products, there are affordable gifts out there that will hit the mark. Take, for example, a satin pillowcase that costs a mere $7 — or an all-natural vitamin C serum that brightens skin for $12. A set of affordable nesting mixing bowls will prove invaluable to any cook, and there’s even an ingenious seed starter kit that allows home chefs to literally grow their own edible flowers.

Prepare to wow friends and family with fabulous gifts they’ll love while you sit back and revel in your savvy saving skills.


This Bedside Caddy That Stores Items Within Easy Reach

Perfect for the friend who likes to do all their business from bed, this bedside caddy allows them to keep tablets, phones, books, notepads, and whatever else they want to keep close, neatly put away, yet within reach. Made of felt in a sophisticated heather gray, it looks much pricier than its $20 price tag, and also comes in celadon and dark gray. Five pockets provide ample space and a velcro flap keeps it securely in place.


A Phone Tripod With Flexible Legs

The “if it’s not on social media, it didn’t happen” person in your life will love this phone tripod with flexible legs so as to be set up literally anywhere. It will cost you less than $20 and they can place it on any kind of surface including wrapping it around bars to get that perfect angle. The mount rotates 360 degrees in addition to shifting easily from portrait to landscape.


This Insulated Tumbler In A Sleek Minimalist Design

This insulated tumbler is a thoughtful gift for the stylish person who is always taking their beverages on the go. It boasts a minimalist design and is made of double-wall insulated stainless steel that keeps drinks hot for eight hours and cold for 24. Choose from six different capacities and loads of chic color options.


A Himalayan Salt Lamp To Help Promote Calm

Give the gift of relaxation and serenity with this Himalayan salt lamp placed within an accompanying rustic metal basket. Besides providing a soothing glow, the salt crystals can shine at a brightness that you choose, thanks to the included dimmer switch.


These Silicone Cake Molds That Create Multiple Shapes

These clever and affordable cake molds can be assembled in multiple shapes to create anything from round to square to heart-shaped cakes. They’re perfect for the avid baker who has the passion but not the space as these molds barely take up any room when stored. Each set comes with eight molds, all made of food-safe silicone that can go from the freezer to the oven to the dishwasher.


A Bamboo Charcuterie Board With Built-In Cutlery

Any frequent party-thrower will love this charcuterie board that comes with its own built-in cutlery set. It’s constructed of non-absorbent bamboo, includes two narrow trays on either side, and features a slim drawer containing four different styles of cheese and charcuterie knives.


An Avocado Slicer That Does Three Tasks With One Tool

This budget-friendly avocado slicer makes preparing this delicious fruit as easy as one, two, three. It includes a knife for cutting, a pitter, and a mandoline that both slices and scoops to create seven perfectly portioned pieces. Pop it in the dishwasher on the top rack for easy cleaning.


A Satin Pillowcase For Overnight Pampering

Instead of a pricey gift certificate to the spa, treat your bestie to overnight hair and skin care with these satin pillowcases that cost only $7. They come in tons of beautiful colors like teal, coral, and sky blue with the smooth material helping to soothe hair and skin while they sleep.


This Phone Lens Kit For Professional-Level Photos

Boost your bud’s phone photography skills with the help of this phone lens kit that comes with nine different lenses to take their photos to a professional level. Wide angle, macro, telephoto, and fisheye lenses are some of the included options and all attach to the phone lens using a scratch-proof clip mount.


A Bamboo Plant Stand That Holds 6 Potted Plants

Green thumbs will find this bamboo plant stand an incredibly thoughtful gift as it will beautifully display up to six of their most prized plants. It’s easy to assemble with each slatted platform alternately spaced, and, best of all, it will only set you back $28.


This Ice Cream Scoop For Perfect Portions

Ice cream enthusiasts will truly appreciate this ice cream scoop that not only makes it easy to deal with hard, frozen treats but also creates gorgeous curls in the process. In addition to coming in 12 vibrant colors, it features a rubber handle for easy gripping and a special notch at the end to help lift lids. With over 31,000 five-star reviews, it’s safe to say that this is the choice when it comes to ice cream scoops.


An Eyeshadow Stick Made With Hydrating Ingredients

This affordable eyeshadow stick provides gorgeously pigmented colors and is made with vitamins C and E for serious hydration. The creme-to-powder sticks come in over 20 shades ranging from metallic to matte to shimmer finishes with each one being conveniently waterproof as well.


This Ice Roller That Allows You To Create Customized Skincare

This extremely inventive yet budget-friendly ice roller is great for the friend who loves to devise their own skincare products. Made of food-grade silicone, the design allows them to fill each mold with their own ingredients such as cucumber, fruits, or herbs, then pour in water, freeze, and voilà – a custom-made ice roller to soothe and revitalize skin.


A Glass Coffee Mug With Double-Wall Insulation

Caffeine-obsessed friends will love this glass coffee mug that comes in a set of two and features double-wall insulation to keep their brew hot for as long as possible. Each mug has a 12.5-ounce capacity and is made of sturdy borosilicate glass.


This Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard That Fits In Your Back Pocket

Give the gift of workplace flexibility with this foldable Bluetooth keyboard that can literally fit in a pocket. Faux leather on the back of the keyboard offers a classy touch when folded in half and a phone holder is also provided to make working from any location completely feasible.


A Lip Brush Tool That Exfoliates For A Smooth Result

Those with an appreciation for all aspects of skincare will flip when receiving this lip brush tool that gently exfoliates often-neglected lips for a mere $7. It features a reversible head, each with different-sized bristles, so as to gently slough dry skin and prep them for moisturizing balms.


These Measuring Spoons In The Shape Of Cherries

Help make cooking and baking that much more fun with these measuring spoons designed in the shape of cherries. Measurements include a ½ teaspoon, teaspoon, ½ tablespoon, and tablespoon, with a handy egg separator in the shape of a leaf included as a charming bonus.


A Stylish Can Cooler To Keep Your Hard Seltzer Cold

Nothing says thoughtful like the gift of a can cooler so your friend’s hard seltzer stays cool throughout the day or night. It’s designed specifically for slim 12-ounce cans and features stainless steel vacuum insulation for great temperature retention. It comes in over 20 colors from pretty pastels to chic animal prints.


These Scrunchies Made From Real Mulberry Silk

For a luxe gift that will set you back less than $20, opt for these scrunchies that are made from 100% pure mulberry silk. They come in a pack of three colors (charcoal, pink, and ivory) and work well to protect hair from breakage and minimize frizz in the process.


A Handheld Milk Frother That Creates Foam In 15 Seconds

Treat your bud to cappuccinos at home by gifting them this handheld milk frother that will save them lots of money at the coffee shop yet only cost you $15. It comes in tons of pretty colors, is battery-operated, and even includes its own stainless steel stand for aesthetically pleasing storage.


This Cold Brew Coffee Maker That Brews & Stores In One

It couldn’t be easier to make a delicious and smooth cold brew with this cold brew coffee maker that doubles as a carafe. Simply add coarse ground coffee and cold water, pop it in the fridge for up to 24 hours, and pour it directly into a glass for a delicious treat. The leakproof lid provides a secure seal to keep coffee fresh for up to three weeks.


A Set Of Insulated Wine Tumblers To Keep Drinks Chilled All Day

These wine tumblers that come in a set of four are the perfect accompaniment to lounging poolside during a warm day as they are triple insulated so as to maintain perfect rosé temperatures. They come in tons of color options and even include a suctioned lid to protect your precious vino from natural invaders like flies and leaves.


This Bias Lighting LED Strip That Enhances TV Watching

If you have a film enthusiast in your circle, this bias-lighting LED strip will transform their TV room into a bonafide home cinema. It attaches via self-adhesive to the back of the TV and plugs directly into the TV’s USB for power. Adjust the brightness settings to provide heightened contrast, more vivid colors, and less strain on the eyes to boot.


A Pot Strainer That Lets You Drain Directly From The Pan

This ingenious pot strainer uses silicone clips to attach directly to your pan and drain water directly without requiring any other kitchen tools. Any avid cook will fall in love with its efficiency as well as the fact that it takes up little room in the cabinet — and you’ll fall in love with its $15 price tag. It’s available in five colors and is dishwasher-safe.


This Makeup Brush Cleaner That Helps Keep Cosmetic Tools Hygienic

Once you gift this makeup brush cleaner to the burgeoning makeup artist in the family, they’ll wonder how they ever survived without it. It charges via USB and comes with eight brush collars to accommodate many different-sized brushes. Using the provided brush bowl and a cleaning solution, tools can be both cleaned and dried in record time.


A Microwave Popcorn Popper That’s Collapsible

People devoted to their daily popcorn will love this microwave popcorn popper that pops every kernel to perfection and collapses down for streamlined storage. It can hold up to 15 cups of popcorn, comes in lots of vibrant colors, and is made of heat-resistant, food-grade silicone.


This Purse Organizer That Hangs Over The Door

Those that have a handbag fascination that doesn’t match the size of their storage space will find this purse organizer a lifesaver. It’ll cost you only $15 and takes advantage of over-the-door vertical space to hold up to six of their most treasured purses of varying sizes. Choose from three color options (black, gray, and java) to suit their closet decor as an extra touch of thoughtfulness.


A Butter Dish In A Cute Retro Design

This adorable and affordable butter dish in a retro look will add tons of style to anyone’s kitchen game. It looks like ceramic but is actually made of durable, sleek, and, most importantly, break-resistant melamine. A wooden lid protects the butter and lends a minimalist feel.


This Wine Aerator That Improves Flavor

Using a little bit of good old science, this wine aerator fits into a wine bottle to add just the right amount of oxygen as you pour. For less than $15 out of your pocket, you can give the gift of transforming even the cheapest bottles into drinkable glasses as the added oxygen elevates any wine’s flavor.


A Glass Loaf Pan That Comes With Its Own Lid

This glass loaf pan will prove extremely versatile in the kitchen as it can bake anything from meatloaf to bread to casseroles. The durable glass is oven, dishwasher, and freezer-safe and, as an extra bonus, an included airtight lid keeps contents fresher for longer.


This Vitamin C Serum Made With Plant-Based Ingredients

This affordable vitamin C serum is made with natural ingredients such as organic aloe, jojoba oil, witch hazel, and vitamin E. It promises to both brighten and smooth skin and is a perfect choice for the person who cares about the integrity of every ingredient they put on their face.


A Wall Mirror With A Woven Macrame Frame

Laidback home decor lovers will salivate over this trendy and stylish wall mirror that features a macrame frame of woven cotton. The mirror is round and enclosed by a geometric, sunray pattern in a beautiful neutral tone and looks much pricier than its reasonable $24 price tag.


These Flameless Tea Light Candles That Are Battery-Powered

Each of these battery-powered flameless tea light candles lasts up to 100 hours and will be an asset to any host or hostess who prefers the look of candlelight. In addition to providing added safety, the flickering light and waxy-looking finish lend great authenticity. They come with 12 in a pack.


A Glass Teapot That’s Stovetop Safe

Tea drinkers will appreciate this beautiful and versatile glass teapot that is microwave, dishwasher, and even stovetop-safe. It includes a stainless steel mesh infuser and can brew any variety of loose-leaf tea. The elegant shape of the teapot enhances your tea-drinking experience.


This Bath Pillow Made Of Soft & Breathable Fabric

Treat someone you love to a bit of well-deserved self-care with this bath pillow for under $30. It attaches using suction cups and is made of a breathable and soft mesh material that cushions the neck and shoulders. A convenient hook allows it to dry quickly and store easily.


A Set Of Silicone Baking Mats With A Nonstick Surface

These extremely handy silicone baking mats require no oil or butter as they release food easily with their nonstick surface. The food-safe silicone is heat resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, includes helpful circles for making macarons, and can even go in the dishwasher for effortless cleanup. Use them for making anything from sweet to savory foods and say goodbye to parchment paper, aluminum foil, or grease.


These Packing Cubes That Organize Clothing In Luggage

Anybody who flies a lot knows how valuable a streamlined packing strategy can be. These packing cubes come with four organizers of different sizes to contain clothing neatly and make both packing and unpacking a breeze. They all feature a breathable mesh and a laundry bag is even included to separate dirty clothing while traveling.


A UV Flashlight For Detecting Pet Stains

This UV flashlight might seem like a gift that’s too practical, but any pet owner will get down on their knees and thank you for finally being able to locate those impossible-to-see pet stains. The UV light can detect both dog and cat urine which is the first step towards odor elimination and a delightfully stain-free home.


This Foot Peel Mask That Exfoliates Skin

This foot peel mask works effectively to remove dry skin and reveal the soft skin underneath. It uses botanical ingredients as well as salicylic acid for intense exfoliation and, at $15, is a budget-friendly gift that will have a rejuvenating effect on someone’s day-to-day life.


A Whip Maker That Transforms Cleanser Into A Marshmallow Texture

All it takes is a drop of cleanser, the required amount of water, and a few pumps of this whip maker to create soft, pillowy skincare that faces will love. Plus, tons of money can be saved on expensive cleansers as only a pearl-sized amount is necessary to achieve that cloud-like texture.


These Book Lights That Charge Via USB

These book lights come in a pack of two and charge easily via USB to last over 30 hours at a time. They feature a flexible gooseneck to get light exactly where it’s most needed as well as a choice between three different lighting modes: natural daylight, gentle white, and amber.


A Yoga Fitness Mat With Illustrations Of 70 Poses

Yogis will obsess over this fitness yoga mat that features 70 illustrations of yoga poses. Beginners will appreciate the clear depictions of asanas and experienced yogis can use the illustrations as inspiration to create their own improvised flow. The mat comes in nine colors, is 5 millimeters thick, and is BPA-free.


This Pillow Spray For An Aromatherapy-Infused Bedtime

Give your nearest and dearest the ability to slip into peaceful slumber when you gift them this all-natural (and affordable at $10) pillow spray. It features a vegan and organic formula infused with lavender essential oils so that when their head hits the pillow, solid sleep and sweet dreams await.


A Detangling Hair Brush That Removes Knots Gently

You truly don’t need to spend a fortune to change someone’s life, as this $12 detangling hair brush will prove. It has over 68,000 reviews and is beloved for its ability to glide through knots and tangles without causing breakage. It comes in lots of fun colors with each brush featuring flexible, cone-shaped bristles that work with the hair instead of against it.


These Amber Glass Tea Light Holders In A Vintage Design

These amber glass tea light holders cost a mere $10 for a set of four and look like you bought them from a chic vintage shop off the beaten path. They feature a classic decorative design and accommodate tea lights and votives, perfect for creating a warm and rustic ambiance.


A Mini Belt Bag That Comes In Tons Of Color Options

There is no denying the serious functionality of this mini belt bag that’s perfect for hitting the coffee shop, going to the gym, or heading out for a hike. Best of all, you can choose from over 40 color options to give your best friend the one that perfectly matches their style – and at $20 it won’t break your budget.


These Nested Mixing Bowls For Versatility In The Kitchen

These mixing bowls not only nest in one another for efficient storage but provide any cook with an incredible amount of functionality in the kitchen. They’re made of stainless steel and can withstand hot and cold temperatures on top of never absorbing stains or odors. Five come in every set and can be used for baking and cooking alike.


A Wooden Cutting Board Made Of Beautiful Acacia

Your favorite cheese and charcuterie enthusiast will think you spent way more than $11 on this gorgeous wooden cutting board made from Acacia wood. It acts as the perfect serving board for cheese, fruit, meats, olives, and much more, and even includes a handle in its design to make transporting it that much more elegant.


This Wine Opener That Extracts Corks With Ease

Who wouldn’t appreciate a better and more efficient way to open a wine bottle as a gift? This corkscrew wine opener uses leverage to make it incredibly easy to extract a cork with no fear of frustrating or embarrassing breakage. Plus, there’s even a handy wine stopper included as well.


A Glass Jar With A Hinged Lid For Airtight Storage

Your friends who love preparing food and are obsessed with their pantry will love this glass jar that features a hermetically sealed hinged lid perfect for preserving, fermenting, or simple dry food storage. It can hold up to 17 ounces and has a wide mouth for easy filling with a charming chalkboard label included for clear organization.


These Floating Shelves To Display Treasured Items

These floating shelves provide any home with a great way to display meaningful items and stylish decor. All the mounting hardware is included for easy installation and the U-shape design helps to prevent items from falling off accidentally. Choose from four color options: espresso, gray, walnut, and white.


A Sushi-Making Kit For Easy Homemade Rolls

This sushi-making kit provides any fan of the food with everything they need to create their own rolls from home and is especially perfect for beginners. Each kit comes with two rolling mats, a spreader, a paddle, and five pairs of chopsticks, all made of natural bamboo.


These Wheel Lights That Transform Bikes Into A Kaleidoscopic Display

Help your fellow cyclist buds take their safety to the next level by gifting them these wheel lights that turn them into a one-person rolling disco at night. They install in minutes, fit bike sizes ranging from toddler to adult, and come in tons of different colors like blue, white, purple, or combinations like galactic or pastel. You’ll spend less than $30, which is a bargain when it comes to something which could save a life and with serious panache to boot.


A Pack Of Shower Steamers Made With Essential Oils

These shower steamers come in a pack of six with each one featuring a different scent powered by combinations of essential oils such as grapefruit, lemongrass and coconut, and peony and pear. It’s a perfect way to encourage a friend to turn their shower into an at-home spa experience for less than $15 out of your own pocket.


This Grill Scraper Tool That’s Made Of Solid Brass

This sturdy grill scraper tool made of solid brass is an affordable gift that your barbecuing friend or family member will come to rely on. It features various notches for different-shaped grates like round or v-shaped, as well as a flat edge for griddles and special ones for campground grills. Though durable, it’s still safe to use on both Teflon-coated and porcelain grates.


A Scrunchie Holder To Organize Hair Accessories

Scrunchies are back in a big way, and this scrunchie holder makes it easy for the accessory addict to store them in an organized fashion. It’s made of acrylic and is the perfect diameter to store up to 30 scrunchies without stretching them out. As a bonus, hair ties can even be stacked in the center.


This Seed Starter Kit That Allows You To Grow Edible Flowers Indoors

Upgrade your favorite chef’s garnish game by giving them this seed starter kit that allows them to grow their very own edible flowers right from home. The kit comes with four burlap grow bags, four potting soil discs, shears, markers, and a wooden box that serves as a planter. With some loving attention, they should see pot marigolds, cornflowers, viola tricolors, and Shasta daisies blooming within three months.


A Beard Apron That Allows For A Mess-Free Shave

This beard apron prevents the consistent mess created whenever it’s time to coif that facial hair. A gift just as much for the bearded as for the partner of the bearded, it wraps around the neck and attaches to the mirror using two suction cups, catching any and all falling hair. Easily empty the hair into the trash afterward and fold the apron up into its included self-packing pouch.


This Vanity Mirror That’s Illuminated For Precise Application

This vanity mirror with LED illumination will be very appreciated by friends who are devoted to their makeup tutorials. It provides two extra levels of magnification and can fold up to be carried anywhere. Charge the LEDs via USB or alternatively use batteries, and rotate it up to 180 degrees to get that perfect angle.


A Pack Of Under-Eye Masks Made With 24 Karat Gold

Who would say no to a little 24-karat gold added to their beauty routine? These under-eye masks come in a pack of 20 pairs and go on the face for 20 minutes at a time for hydrated and restored skin. They’re both small and portable as well as a great gift for someone who wants their skincare to feel that much more luxe.

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