Designers Say You’re Making Your Home Look Sh*tty If You Are Doing Any Of These Things

Did you know too much matching decor can make your space look tacky? “For instance, you are so focused on matching the carpet, sofa, and decor items that you haven’t color-blocked,” David Lee, an interior designer and home contractor at Neutypechic, tells Bustle. “Hence, I advise adding a couple of statement pieces to the room. It can change the flatpack aesthetic and give the place much more character. This will further make the place look fresh and vibrant.”

These wall sconces add rustic charm to any room while breaking up color-blocked rooms that feel more cohesive. This two-pack features mason jars filled with fairy lights and faux florals, set on raw-looking wood backings (along with twine hooks). The lights are battery-powered and give off a warm, ambient light, which can be turned on and off with a remote control. They are easy to mount on the wall — and since they come in a pair, you could hang them on either side of a bed, door, or entryway for a pulled-together look.

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