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Paris Hilton Reveals Exactly How She Keeps Her Skin So Snatched

The beauty and fashion mogul’s skin care routine is extremely high-tech. In fact, she and her husband have a full-on wellness center — called the Sliving Spa, duh — in their home, filled with hospital-grade machines, a cryotherapy chamber, and tech-y facial devices you’d find in a five-star spa. Hilton has publicly said that she’s never gotten Botox or filler — which is why the star’s super advanced regimen actually makes perfect sense. “I’m all about being all-natural, and I feel that when you use lights and electricity, it’s amazing what the results are,” she says. Here, she chats with Bustle’s beauty editor about her definitely-not-casual skin care regimen. Read More

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Everything You’ll Want To Buy From Target If You’re Turning 30 This Year

Turning 30 provides that perfect opportunity to start fresh — or, as the kids say, level up. Start small by purging your overly stuffed closet or the falling-apart products you’ve been meaning to replace for the better part of a decade. You know, like those oversized sleep T-shirts that have one too many holes. Then, shop smart by purchasing affordable replacements that hit the trifecta of being sensible, stylish, and durable. We’ve rounded up some affordable staples to help. Read More

The Women Of Wakanda Have Evolved (& So Has Their Hair)Camille Friend has played a major part in developing the women of Wakanda’s hair throughout the Black Panther franchise — as in, she’s responsible for telling a story through the lead characters’ eye-catching updos and intricately braided masterpieces. “[The women] are in grieving, and their journey and hair story needs to be in sync [with that evolution],” she shares with Bustle. Read More

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56 Taylor Swift & Jack Antonoff Collaborations, Ranked

Like peanut butter and jelly, Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff are a classic and reliable pairing. The 11-time Grammy winner started working with the Bleachers mastermind in 2013, and what started as a soundtrack collab has grown into one of pop music’s most fruitful partnerships. As of 2022, Antonoff has co-written and/or co-produced 56 songs with Swift. To celebrate their growing creative BFF-ery, here’s a very subjective ranking of them all. Read More

8 Expert-Approved Exercises For Plantar Fasciitis Pain

The older you get, the more you experience body aches. It’s normal! And natural! One such ailment is plantar fasciitis, which can make for some pretty dreadful heel aches. That’s OK — just move your little tootsies through these exercises for some relief. Read More


Here’s Your Daily Horoscope

Indulge in a nap. Read More

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