The Best Black Friday 2022 Fitness Tracker Deals To Shop

There’s no denying that fitness trackers up your wellness game. Whether you count your steps, track your heart rate, or keep tabs on your sleep schedule, it might be worth it to look at the many Black Friday 2022 fitness tracker deals so you can effectively turn your wrist into a hub of health.

At their most basic, fitness trackers tell you the time, how many steps you’ve taken, and your heart rate. But pick up a fancier version of a fitness tracker at a discount, and you can go so far as to see your heart rate variability, blood oxygen levels, stress score, and more. Not only are fitness trackers an ideal gadget to buy for yourself, but they also make for a slightly fancy (and definitely handy) gift for the wellness fan in your life.

Since they tend to cost $100 or more, waiting for fitness trackers to go on sale is a good move. This Black Friday, you might want to pick up a discounted Fitbit Charge 5, for example, which typically retails for $149.99. Or maybe a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, which can run as high as $279.99.

Read on below for all the best fitness tracker Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022 deals and see which seems like it’d meet all of your (or a friend’s) fitness needs.

1. Fitbit Luxe

Looking for a thin fitness tracker that won’t get in the way? The Fitbit Luxe may be tiny — the screen is less than an inch wide! — but it still tracks your sleep score, buzzes when you reach your target heart rate during exercise, and announces your heart rate variability. Use it to understand your heart rate trends, track your steps, and more.

2. Fitbit Charge 5

Pick up a Fitbit Charge 5+ Premium to see your heart rate, sleep data, and stress levels. With a six-month Premium membership, you’ll get access to a Daily Readiness score based on your activity, sleep, and heart rate variability, which you can use to optimize your workout routine.

This score comes with personalized recommendations. If the score is low, go for easy workouts like walking or yoga. If it’s higher, your body is primed to do a HIIT workout or cardio dance class. The Charge 5 has a seven-day battery life and an extra bright touchscreen so your data is easy to see.

3. Amazon Halo

The Amazon Halo is an ideal way to keep all your health metrics in one place. Track your heart rate, activity points, sleep score, and learn more about your blood oxygen levels using the wearable’s color touch display.

The included Halo membership gives you 12 months of access to membership features, workouts, and other perks. Try out the personalized exercise programs, measure the quantity and quality of your sleep, try out the daily meditations and recipes — and more. You can also receive calls and texts and get movement reminders, if that’s your jam.

4. Apple Watch Series 7

Been thinking about snagging an Apple Watch this holiday season? The Series 7 has an always-on retina display and nearly 20% more screen area than the Series 6, meaning everything’s easier to use. A powerful sensor checks your blood oxygen levels, alerts you to high or low heart rates, and even sends irregular heart rhythm notifications.

If you’d like to track your run, Tai chi lessons, Pilates workouts, and other tricky-to-track exercise sessions, this watch is for you. Then, when you’re ready to chill at the end of the day, click on a mindfulness exercise, then climb into bed and let the Apple Watch track your sleep.

5. Fitbit Versa 3

The Fitbit Versa 3 provides you with a Daily Readiness Score to let you know if you’re ready to exercise or if you should focus on recovery (with a Fitbit Premium membership). Track your run, bike, or hike — all without your phone — and get real-time pace and distance info with its build-in GPS.

The Active Zone Minutes feature uses your heart rate to gauge your exercise effort and gives you a quick buzz when you increase your intensity. This tracker is also water resistant up to 50 meters, so you can wear it in the pool or sweat to your heart’s content. Charge it up in 12 minutes for six days of battery life.

6. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 is a smartwatch that helps you wake up refreshed thanks to its advanced sleep tracking. It also keeps a detailed account of each exercise session, whether you run, row, or swim. Use it to stay motivated with live coaching sessions via your phone, or via dynamic Group Challenges with your friends.

Trying to run faster? This watch uses advanced running coaching technology to track your VO2 levels, heart rate, and lung endurance. Oh, and you can also connect your texts, notifications, and music streaming platform, so you never feel out of touch while you work out.

7. Garmin Forerunner 35

With a built-in GPS, you can use the Garmin Forerunner 35 to track how far, how fast, and where you run — all without your phone. Its 24/7 heart rate monitor lets you check in with yourself throughout the day.

It also offers gentle vibration alerts to notify you of running prompts, activity tracking milestones, virtual pacing progress, and more. The high resolution display is easy to read both indoors and out, so you’ll always know what’s up.

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