12 Winter 2023 Nail Polish Color Trends To Have On Your Radar

Even though it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, it’s never too early to start about thinking what your go-to shade is going to be this winter and beyond. Especially since winter 2023 nail colors are looking to be some of the chicest and most exciting shades out there.

There are plenty of options for you to play around with and you’re bound to find the perfect shade for you. Expect to stick to classic chilly weather hues like blues, dark reds, gold, silvers, and whites. But you’ll also find some unexpected twists, such as pastel metallics and earthier blues and reds. Not to mention, the infamous glazed donut nail trend that broke all of TikTok looks like it is here to stay for the long haul.

With some major beauty sales happening this month (especially on Black Friday), you can even score a polish or 10 at discounted prices to try every color the experts predict will be big this season. Below, Chanel nail artist Betina R. Goldstein, JINSoon founder and celebrity nail artist Jin Soon Choi, and ORLY educator An Cao share their picks for the best winter nail polish colors. Scroll down to see the 12 shades you should be wearing when it’s cold out.

Icy Blues

Cao predicts icy metallic colors, especially those blue shades, will be trending this winter. “Everything has an ultra-shiny, outer-space feel to it,” she says. “Light blue is especially great for winter.”

Classic Metallics

An oldie but a goodie, metallics are Goldstein’s pick for winter 2023 colors to see trending all over your social feeds. “Silver, gold, and chrome variations of colors — they are a great way to play with nail art without getting overwhelmed,” she says. “[They’re also] easy to recreate at home.”

Glazed Donut

Choi predicts that the infamous glazed donut nails will continue to be big into the winter. “The base color is selected to complement each person’s undertones for a natural pearlescent look,” she says. “Many prefer a soft look for their manicure, and iridescent polishes are the perfect way to get the shine without using glitter; iridescent polishes shine beautifully on their own for a minimalist look or atop vibrant hues for a glowy finish.”

Metallic Lilacs

When you think of metallics, it’s natural to think of silver, gold, and bronze. But this winter, Cao says pastel colors like lilac will also take center stage. “In winter, it’s really pretty with a cool-tone shimmer,” she adds.

Rusty Reds

Choi says that earthy tones are going to be big this winter. “[They] have a certain elegance that make a statement without flashy designs or finishes,” she says. While earthy tones are also popular for fall, she says we’ll see earthy tones like rusty reds a lot in 2023.

Deep Browns

Goldstein recommends going with brown nail polish if you want to change up the usual burgundy that you normally reach for in the winter months. It’s still just as cozy and warm but gives you something more neutral. She and her clients love this Chanel polish in particular for its deep brown shade with a shiny finish.

Milky Whites

A winter white is one of the go-to winter colors for many, but for 2023 Cao says it will go a more sheer route. “Sheer milky whites pop more than a basic sheer [neutral],” she says. “It looks great on short, natural-shaped nails for a clean look.”

Cerulean Tones

Another earthy tone shade that Choi says will be big for 2023 is cerulean. The muted light blue is a soft winter shade that can match any look.

Cherry Red

When in doubt, go for the classic cherry red nail polish. “Red is always a great way to start the new year,” says Goldstein. “It is said to bring good luck and fortune in many cultures.”

Midnight Blues

Cao says to look for creamy midnight blues in the colder months. She recommends looking for warm-toned dark blues as those tend to be more universal.

Black Cherry Reds

Moody and romantic, Cao says that dark black cherry red hues are great, sophisticated shades for the winter months. You can go full-coverage or take the French manicure route, which is always a classic.

Creamy Beige Whites

Cao says that if you’re looking for an opaque white, turn to something that has a beige tone and is loaded with pigment to give it that creamy feel. “It stands out and looks great across all skin tones,” she says. She recommends pairing it with minimal nail art or a playful decal for a fun twist.

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