This Dining Table Can Expand From 18 Inches To 10 Feet In Seconds

Investing in well-made furniture seems like a marker for good adulting, but what happens when your dining table for two suddenly needs to accommodate 12 for Friendsgiving? Transformer Table, a modular furniture company from Canada, has your dinner party game on lock — their expandable table made from solid wood starts off small at just 18 inches and expands to 10 feet (!) in less time than it takes to mix a cocktail.

The table, which recently went viral on TikTok and Instagram, transforms into a desk for one, a table for four, and a dining table that comfortably seats twelve. It feels like watching a soothing ASMR video to see the table expand from a desk into a long table in a few quick steps.

Plus If you’re a stickler for matching furniture, then you’ll be happy to know that, for a limited time, the Transformer Table comes with its own (free!) coffee table. The coffee table doubles as a storage unit for the dining table’s panels when they’re not needed, keeping them protected and out of the way.

Whether you’re in a studio apartment, have a small dining area, or simply want to be economical about space, the Transformer Table is a solid foundation for a great night in.

How Does The Transformer Table Work?

Firstly, there’s no assembly required. The table is ready to go right out of the box, and it arrives as an 18-inch console — also a convenient size for easy storage. When you’re ready to expand the table, whether that’s to accommodate four people or 12 people, one person should be able to do it alone. Just lift the top panel, pull the table’s telescopic mechanism to the length you want, and add the extra panels (up to five) by clipping them underneath.

What Is The Transformer Table Made From?

Each piece in Transformer Table’s collection is made from FSC-certified hardwood, which means that the furniture has been made of wood harvested from a responsibly managed forest. The table comes in four wood finishes to match your decor: American Mahogany, Siberian Birch, Canadian Dark Oak and Australian Acaccia.

What Reviewers Are Saying

Over 1,000 shoppers have reviewed the Transformer Table, and it’s received high marks for its functionality, attractive wood grain finishes, and mid-century modern style. Reviewers also love that it’s saves a lot of time and energy lugging tables from the garage into dining areas for get-togethers.

“It is sturdy and strong but easy to expand and just as easy to take all the pieces out again and love the storage areas for all the pieces. This is a genius design.” — Dawn M.

“Now that it’s finally here, unboxed, and in my dining room…. I can’t believe it! It looks amazing, is a great space-saver, and definitely a conversation starter when I have people over. I love everything about it. I got the Acacia finish, and the wood grain is gorgeous and luminous!” — Hareena

“This table makes my life at the holidays so much simpler. I no longer have to lug tables from the garage into my living/dining room and back.” — Anna S.

“I love that this dining set combines function & beauty. For other MCM fans, American Mahogany is the one for you! Absolutely gorgeous wood grain and looks great styled with MCM dining chairs,” — Aria S.

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