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Clara McGregor Is Charting Her Own Course

When Clara McGregor (yes, as in Ewan’s eldest daughter) talked to Bustle last week, she emphasized her intention to build a career and identity unique to her and her interests. “Finding inner confidence is the biggest gift, because no one can take that away from you,” said the actor, who took Bustle backstage to Chanel’s buzzy Miami show. That seems to be a Gen Z mindset, as early midterm election results indicate that young people showed up with confidence to make their voices heard. Read more

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Here’s How To Do A Perfectly Smooth Silk Press At Home

In order to make a silk press last, low heat and humidity is imperative, so we like to think of autumn as “silk press season” thanks to its cooler temperatures. But the style isn’t for the faint of heart, so we’ve collected some necessary DIY tips. Read more

The “Bejeweled Strut” Is The Most Charming Viral TikTok Trend

Every so often a dance comes along on TikTok that’s so catchy it makes me miss the platform’s early days. Combine that nostalgia with a trending Taylor Swift song and we’ve mined viral gold. It’s a winner whether you’re a dancer, a Swiftie, both, or neither, TBH. Read more

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10 Pajamas That’ll Make You Feel Bougie As Hell On Christmas Morning

Bustle’s senior fashion editor, Kelsey Stiegman, polls some of her most stylish friends to find out which PJs they’ll be wearing for those obligatory Christmas morning photos. Read more

This Running Coach Wants You To Stop Caring About Weight Loss & Mile Times

When Kelly Roberts started running in 2012, she could barely make it down the street. “I was like, ‘If I can run a marathon, there’s nothing I can’t do,’” the running coach, who hopes to make the sport more inclusive, tells Bustle. Read more


Here’s Your Daily Horoscope

Try to be as flexible as possible. Read more

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