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Sharon Horgan’s Irish black comedy Bad Sisters has a simple premise: What if four sisters wanted to kill their brother-in-law? He’d have to be a pretty bad guy, right?

In the Apple TV+ show, the brother-in-law in question is John Paul (Claes Bang), an abusive man hell-bent on making his wife and her sisters miserable. The series opens with his funeral, where he’s being mourned by his wife, Grace Garvey (Anne-Marie Duff). Supporting Grace are her sisters: Eva (Horgan), the oldest sister who practically raised them; Ursula (Eva Birthistle), the sensible sibling who’s also having an affair; Bibi (Sarah Greene), who sports a distinct eyepatch and has secrets of her own; and Becka (Eve Hewson), the youngest sister who’s eager to prove she’s just as mature as the rest.

From the outset, it’s clear that John Paul was terrible, and he was definitely killed by the Garvey sisters. The series then jumps back in time to slowly unravel how they finally killed them, all while the sisters dodge the two brothers investigating them for life insurance fraud. It’s like a mixture of Big Little Lies and Fargo, and the series scored a rare 100% among critics on Rotten Tomatoes. “As an exercise in catharsis, Bad Sisters is wonderful,” Lucy Mangan wrote for The Guardian.

The series wrapped up on Oct. 14, and because of its success, it looks like Bad Sisters Season 2 is a go. Per Deadline, Apple announced the show’s renewal with a statement from Horgan. “If you’d have told me three years ago that I’d be making a series about five murderous sisters chasing a man around Ireland trying to kill him, I’d have said, ‘Yeah, that sounds about right,’” she said. “The response to our show had been beyond what we could have hoped for. It gave us the opportunity to shine a light on stories that don’t always get such a global platform. I look forward to getting chilly in the Irish Sea one more time.” Here’s everything we know so far about Bad Sisters Season 2.

Bad Sisters Season 2 Cast

The titular sisters will likely return for Season 2. Along with Horgan, the main cast features Anne-Marie Duff, Eva Birthistle, Sarah Greene, and Eve Hewson as the Garvey sisters. Claes Bang’s John Paul may appear in the form of flashbacks in the second season. Brian Gleeson, Daryl McCormack, Assaad Bouab, and Saise Quinn also starred in Season 1.

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Bad Sisters Season 2 Plot

Horgan originally imagined the series as a limited run, according to GQ. The show is based on Malin-Sarah Gozin’s Belgian series The Out-Laws, which aired in 2011 and ended after 10 episodes. Gozin told The Guardian that she always planned it as a self-contained story, which she worked on for a while. “I had to come up with nine different murder attempts,” she joked. “I saw a lot of doctors and forensic experts, because it was essential that each attempt really could happen. Eventually, I found out the perfect murder doesn’t exist.”

Though Horgan’s adaptation takes place in Ireland rather than Belgium, it appears that Bad Sisters Season 1 still hits all the same points as the original, even using similar murder attempts in each episode. It’s possible that the series will make its comeback, just as Big Little Lies did, by writing entirely new material for Season 2.

Bad Sisters Season 2 Premiere Date

Apple renewed Bad Sisters for Season 2 on Nov. 8, less than a month after it wrapped Season 1. If the upcoming installment follows a similar production timeline as the first season, the Apple TV+ drama could return in late 2023 or early 2024.

This post will be updated as more information about Bad Sisters Season 2 becomes available.

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