Are Eliza & Justin Together After ‘Bachelor In Paradise’?

The latest Bachelor in Paradise love triangle has come to an emotional end. During the show’s Nov. 7 episode, Eliza Isichei gave her rose to Rodney Mathews over Justin Glaze — a decision she soon came to regret. “I just don’t think I made the right decision for myself,” Eliza told Rodney the next morning. “I felt so much pressure. And I think I was influenced a little bit by how much love everyone has for you.”

After their emotional conversation (which left the rest of the beach in tears, too), both Rodney and Eliza left Paradise separately. But while Rodney simply left heartbroken, Eliza departed on a mission: to get Justin back. “Going after him was definitely a first,” Eliza says at the end of the episode. “I don’t usually chase guys, but he means a lot to me, so I hope he’s as excited to see me as I am to see him.”

Once Eliza arrives in Justin’s hometown of Baltimore, we only get the briefest glimpse of Justin’s reaction as he opens the door — and in keeping with his penchant for shocked facial expressions, it’s a moment.

In the trailer for the next episode, though, Justin says he’s “confused” and doesn’t seem 100% thrilled at Eliza’s arrival. Since there won’t be a Bachelor in Paradise episode on Election Day, viewers have a whole week to speculate about the big question: are Eliza and Justin together today?

ABC/Craig Sjodin

To start with the smallest of clues, Eliza and Justin don’t follow each other on Instagram, but Eliza and Rodney are mutuals. In fact, according to Life & Style, Eliza and Rodney were reportedly spotted at a party together (along with other Paradise alums) in a recent Instagram story from Johnny DePhillipo.

But if you really want to know what happens between Eliza and Justin after Bachelor in Paradise, Reality Steve may have the specific answers you’re looking for. Spoilers ahead for Bachelor in Paradise Season 8!

On Nov. 5, the Bachelor Nation commentator posted a thread of spoilers from the Bachelor in Paradise reunion taping. Among those tweets is a detail about Eliza and Justin’s meeting in Baltimore. “He says no,” Reality Steve writes. “Wanted somebody who’s all in.”

Even so, Justin reportedly planned to meet Eliza in Los Angeles, “but she ghosted him,” Reality Steve adds. “She said he didn’t hit her up until like 11 at night when he was there.”

While obviously some details will be filled in when viewers actually get to see the Bachelor in Paradise reunion, it seems that Eliza and Justin’s relationship may not be destined for success.

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