These Home Upgrades Are Kinda Sexy & Definitely Cheap

If you’re looking to elevate your home in small ways that don’t cost a ton of cash, Amazon has a bunch of items that’ll add a touch of luxury — and, dare I say, sexiness — to your space for cheap. Some of them are things you never knew you needed, while others are long-time favorites that might just need an affordable refresh. Plus, these budget-friendly home upgrades boast an impressive collection of five-star reviews from Amazon shoppers.

There’s something for every room on this list. You’ll find kitchen staples, like a fresh herb keeper and an immersion blender, that make cooking and storing items so much easier, as well as bedroom accessories and décor items, like luxe blankets and faux fur rugs, that’ll make you feel like you’re living in a lavish hotel. Space-saving and organizational helpers are always a good idea, office upgrades make things easier, and there are even several bathroom accessories that’ll take your self-care to the next level. Many of these options come in different colors and designs to suit your style, and they’re all super easy to set up and use.

So, when you’re ready to give your home (or someone else’s) a few well-deserved upgrades, check out this list of cheap home items on Amazon.


This Faux Fur Rug With Cabin-Chic Vibes

Nothing screams cozy luxury quite like a faux fur rug — and this one makes a statement without breaking the bank. This accent rug is made of imitation sheepskin fur, has a nonslip suede backing, and comes in 12 sizes and 21 colors to suit your style. Best of all: It’s machine washable for easy cleaning.


A Set Of Motion-Sensor Lights To Help You Get Around At Night

These motion-sensor LED night lights can be stashed throughout the house to produce a soft glow anytime someone’s within a 12-foot radius. They feature adjustable brightness, an optional always-on setting, and a dusk-to-dawn sensor. Plus, they’re made with a fire-resistant casing and over-current protection.


A Set Of Silky Satin Sheets That Come In A Bunch Of Colors

These sultry satin sheets add a touch of luxury to any room and come in 26 colors to choose from. They’re wrinkle, pill, and fade resistant, and each set includes two pillowcases (the twin size just comes with one), a flat sheet, and a fitted sheet with elastic the entire way around to prevent shifting.

Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King


This Bath Pillow That Cradles Your Head, Neck & Back

While some bath pillows are made to provide a soft place for your head, this one uses thick padding to cushion your head, neck, and upper back to help you relax even more. It attaches to your tub using strong suction cups, is made with a breathable and quick-drying mesh fabric, and is machine washable for convenience.


An Automatic Wine Opener To Make Serving Guests Easy

Impress your guests with this electric wine opener that removes corks with just the press of a button. Simply place it on top of your wine bottle, press the extract button, and relax while it removes the cork in just six to eight seconds. A foil cutter is included, and it runs on four AA batteries (not included).


A Night Light That Transforms Your Room Into Space

Create the feel of laying out underneath the stars with this night light that projects the night sky onto your ceiling.


This Rainfall Shower Head For A Lavish Shower Experience

Turn your shower into a soothing retreat with this 8-inch rainfall shower head that twists easily onto standard shower connections. It features an air intake system that’s designed to create more pressure while using less water, and one reviewer wrote, “You will never want to get out of the shower. It’s amazing, 3 years later and still love it more than ever.”


An Essential Oil Diffuser That Plays Music Via Bluetooth

Whether you want to infuse a calming, energizing, or soothing mist into the air, this cool mist essential oil diffuser is packed with extras to help create your ideal ambiance. It features three diffuser timer settings, doubles as a Bluetooth speaker so you can play your favorite tunes, and works as an alarm clock. Essential oils are sold separately.


This Lotion Warmer For A Spa-Like Experience

Make any massage or self-care routine a little more indulgent with this heated lotion dispenser. Compatible with any hand or body lotion, this warmer heats your moisturizer to a comfortable temperature in just two minutes and can fit up to 16 ounces of your favorite cream.


These Solar-Powered Lights To Spruce Up The Outside Of Your Home

Lighting can make a huge difference in the curb appeal of your home, and you don’t have to mess with wires and outlets to get the look. Just stick these solar-powered landscape lights in the ground and let the sun do the work. Available in white or warm light, they’ll provide up to 10 hours of illumination and have a waterproof covering to keep them safe from rain.


A Sherpa Blanket That’ll Give You A Reason To Stay In

Perfect for chilly evenings, this plush blanket is “fluffy and soft and cozy and just perfectly cuddly,” according to one reviewer. One side of the blanket features a silky, velvety fabric, while the other boasts faux sheepskin sherpa to create a supremely warm and snuggly feel. Plus, it’s machine washable and available in seven sizes and 19 colors.


This Bedside Water Carafe Set That Feels So Fancy

Why have a regular cup of water next to your bed when you can opt for this fancy bedside carafe? Made of elegant crystal, this set features a small cup that doubles as a lid to keep water (or other contents) clean and a carafe that can hold up to 16 ounces of water to quench your midnight thirst.


A Faux Leather Tissue Box Cover That’ll Add Style To Any Room

Give your boring tissue box a makeover with this leather tissue box cover. It fits any standard 5-inch by 5-inch tissue box, and the faux leather material comes in 12 chic colors to choose from, including dry rose, wine, and mint. And at just $10, you might want one for each room.


These Cascading Hangers That Save So Much Space

Struggling to fit everything in your closet is no longer an issue with these space-saving hangers. Great for pants, scarves, ties, skirts, and more, these nonslip hangers can be used horizontally or vertically to save space, and they’re made of durable beech wood to handle even your heaviest garments.


A Paper Towel Holder You Can Stick Anywhere

If you’re looking for ways to clear up some counter space, check out this paper towel holder that can be mounted on most flat surfaces without causing any damage. It includes adhesive tape to keep it securely mounted to walls or under cabinets and is easily removable if needed. There are five colors to choose from, including silver, gold, and black.


This Space-Saving Silverware Tray

Free up some space in your silverware drawer with this compact cutlery organizer that’s earned more than 59,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. The tray utilizes the depth of your drawer to create a semi-stacked design that takes up way less space than a typical silverware tray. It fits up to 24 pieces of cutlery and boasts a nonslip bottom to help keep it in place.


A Soothing Sunrise Alarm Clock To Gently Wake You Up

Take your morning routine to the next level with this alarm clock that uses a soft LED light and nature sounds (or radio if you prefer) to gradually wake you up. There are eight light colors to choose from with adjustable brightness levels, and it’s earned praise from Amazon reviewers, with one fan writing, “This is an amazing product and a much better deal than many of the more expensive ones.”


These Taper Candle Holders That Are A Must-Have For Any Decor

These sleek candle holders boast a minimalist vibe and would look great as part of a table centerpiece or on a mantel for a cozy touch. The set of three has varying heights ranging from 9.45 to 13.28 inches tall, and can fit standard taper candles. Looking for a different color? There are also options in silver and three shades of gold in the listing.


This Space-Saving Ice Tray That Comes With A Handy Bin

This ice tray and bin combo is great for making sure your freezer is well-stocked with cubes. The silicone tray creates small cubes and acts as a lid to the BPA-free plastic bin that can hold up to 96 pieces of ice. It’s perfect for your favorite summertime beverage or craft cocktail, and it’s also dishwasher safe.


A Modern Stainless Steel Tea Kettle That Works On Any Stovetop

If you love tea, hot chocolate, or French-pressed coffee, this 2-quart stainless steel kettle will make a lovely addition. Compatible with all stovetops, the fast-heating base warms water quickly and the ergonomic handle is both cool and comfortable to use. Plus, a loud whistle will alert you when the water begins boiling for a perfectly temped brew every time.


This Vegan Leather Desk Mat That Adds A Touch Of Luxury

Elevate your desk space with this vegan leather desk mat. The soft mat adds comfy cushioning, helps keep your computer and accessories from sliding around, and is resistant to spills and scratches. It boasts a convenient cord strap in the back, and you can choose from nine modern colors, including saddle brown and midnight blue.


These Cute Soap Trays With A Bamboo Rack

Often, it’s the little things that make a big impression, and these bamboo soap holders do just that. Made from 100% recycled materials, these soap trays feature bamboo racks that help keep bars clean and dry and can be easily separated from the bottom trays for easy cleaning. These soap holders will add an eco-modern touch in the shower or next to your sink and are available in either black or white designs.


A Sleek Drain Cover To Keep Clogs At Bay

Most hair catchers look pretty utilitarian, but this steel drain cover adds a modern look to your shower. The weighted metal cover boasts a silicone lining to help keep it in place and comes in 4- or 6-inch sizes to fit over most drains. One reviewer wrote, “It really provides ample coverage and I am amazed and grossed out at how much hair I shed in just one shower. No wonder our drain was getting clogged regularly!”


A Set Of Storage Bags To Help Maximize The Space Under Your Bed

These storage bags are a great way to utilize the space under your bed to store blankets, clothes, shoes, keepsakes, and more. Each organizer measures approximately 7 inches tall, boasts a clear top that lets you see what’s inside, and is made of breathable and durable fabric to keep dust and bugs out.


This Coat Rack That Adds Charm To Your Entryway

Place this stylish coat rack in your entryway for a modern take on a classic, and easily stash coats, hats, bags, and more on the eight wooden hooks. The stand is made of beautiful pine wood that comes in two colors, and it boasts three height options to suit your needs and doesn’t require any tools to put it together.


A Laptop Stand For A More Comfortable Viewing Angle

This laptop stand is a fan favorite with an impressive 4.8-star overall rating and over 30,000 Amazon reviews. The durable aluminum stand fits most laptops up to 16 inches and provides a comfortable viewing angle and optimal ventilation. It also has nonslip rubber pads on the bottom to help keep it in place while you type away.


This Cute Lamp With Adjustable Light Settings

Set the mood in any room with this decorative table lamp. Featuring a minimalist design and a fabric shade, this light offers warm, cool, and neutral-toned lighting options to achieve the perfect ambiance for reading or relaxing. One reviewer wrote, “Love this lamp. Gives out the perfect amount of light to read or just see what you’re doing at night.”


A Fruit Bowl That’s Both Functional & Decorative

Turn your fruit, veggies, or baked goods into a decorative display with this cool geometric basket. The wire bowl measures 10.6 inches wide and is made of strong carbon steel with a food-safe powder coating for extra durability. Some reviewers even note that this bowl is great for filling with decorative orbs or other decor to make a pretty seasonal centerpiece.


A Garlic Press & Peeler Set That’ll Make You Feel Like A Pro

If you’re a fan of fresh garlic, you won’t have to fiddle around with peeling skins or smashing cloves thanks to this garlic press and peeler set. The two-in-one design can produce minced and sliced garlic and comes with a convenient rolling tube peeler. Plus, the press is dishwasher-safe and rustproof and comes with a cleaning brush if needed.


A 2-Pack Of Magnetic Racks For Convenient Storage

Perfect for keeping spices and other items within reach, this set of two magnetic racks frees up precious cabinet space. Designed to be conveniently stored on the side of your fridge (or another metal surface), these black steel racks can hold up to 5 pounds each.


This Container That Extends The Life Of Your Fresh Herbs

Make your fresh-cut herbs last up to 10 days longer with this herb keeper that stores conveniently in your fridge. It comes with three removable dividers and has a water reservoir in the bottom to keep your herbs hydrated. Air vents in the lid let herbs breathe, and a sliding lid gives you easy access.


A Dual-Sided Salt & Pepper Grinder That Comes Pre-Filled

This two-in-one grinder has a dual-sided design that delivers freshly ground salt or pepper with the turn of a dial — simply turn it clockwise for pepper and counterclockwise for salt. You can choose between fine, medium, and coarse grinds, and it even comes pre-filled with peppercorns and sea salt, so it’s ready to go right out of the box.


This Broom & Dustpan Set With Super Helpful Features

With all of its added convenience features, it’s no wonder this broom set is so popular on Amazon. The broom features an adjustable length to reduce bending, while the dustpan has a broom-cleaning comb to trap dust balls and other debris. When finished, the duo clips together at the handles and stands upright for easy storage.


A Modern Storage Rack For Magazines & Other Things

This minimalist magazine rack features a sleek and sturdy steel frame with a matte black finish and can be folded flat for easy storage when it’s not in use. While it’s technically made to stash your mags, reviewers write that it’s also helpful in storing records, books, and even reusable grocery bags.


A Faux Leather Remote Caddy So You’ll Always Know Where To Find Them

Organize your remotes in one convenient location with this faux leather remote caddy. Featuring a soft inner lining and a compact design, this caddy has five compartments to store your remotes and keep them easily accessible. Choose from two sizes and 14 colors, including black, brown, teal, and red.


This Multitasking Immersion Blender For Soups, Smoothies & More

Whip up yummy soups, sauces, drinks, and more with this three-in-one immersion blender. In addition to the blender attachment, it comes with a whisk and a milk frother. The blender also has 12 speed settings, plus a turbo option to handle even the toughest recipes — many reviewers even note using it for their daily smoothie.


A Set Of Placemats To Pull Your Tablescape Together

If you love the look of a beautifully set table, check out this set of cute floral-inspired placemats. Each one measures 15.5 inches across so it will peek out beneath dinner and luncheon plates, and it boasts a metallic sheen for a touch of glam. Choose from gold, copper, or silver.


A Sophisticated Toilet Brush & Holder Set

Hide your toilet brush in plain sight with this stainless steel toilet brush and holder. The brush handle features a conveniently attached lid that sits on top of the cylindrical brush holder and keeps it covered while not in use. It boasts a beautiful oil-rubbed bronze finish, and both pieces are chip and rust-resistant.


This Cooling Memory Foam Pillow That’s Great For All Sleep Positions

No matter which sleeping position you prefer, this memory foam pillow is made to cradle and support your head and neck for a good night’s sleep. It comes in either less-stuffed or overstuffed options, features a cooling bamboo cover, and is GreenGuard Gold Certified for peace of mind.

Sizes: Standard, Queen, King


A Cutting Board Rack That Keeps Them Neat & Accessible

Display your cutting boards with this stainless steel rack. It features three slots that can accommodate boards up to an inch thick, and some reviewers note that it’s even handy for storing cookie sheets or using as a drying rack. And if you need more storage, there’s also an option for a six-slot rack in the listing.


These Drawers To Help Keep Your Coffee Station Organized

Keep your K-cup collection nice and neat with these coffee pod drawers from Amazon Basics. The unit has three separate drawers fitted with sleek metal handles, and it can fit up to 36 coffee pods inside. Plus, it doubles as a space-saving platform for your coffee machine.

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