Designers Secretly Do These Clever Things To Make Homes Look So Much Better

If something about your home feels unfinished, it could be that you need a large, eye-catching piece to pull the space together. “Adding a big statement piece to your decor can add some impact and make a space feel more finished,” Karen Rohr, an interior designer at MCI, tells Bustle. “In general, it’s large, eye-catching, and different from everything else in the room.” But if you need ideas? Rohr goes on to explain, “It could be a piece of furniture, like an oversized armchair or a dramatic mirror. It can also be something more unexpected, like a vintage rug. No matter what you choose, the key is to pick something that you really love and that reflects your personal style.”

With seven colors to choose from, this vintage area rug might just be the statement piece you’ve been looking for. The medium-height pile won’t obstruct doors from opening, yet still feels comfortable underfoot. It also comes in more than 10 sizes, making it suitable for nearly any space.

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