Valerian Root Benefits

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Episode Summary

Despite its unusual taste and smell, valerian root is one of the most popular herbs of our time. Valerian root is especially amazing for both anxiety and sleep! In this episode, I’m going to share tips on how best to work with valerian root for anxiety and sleep. And I’m gonna show you how to avoid valerian root side effects. You also have the opportunity to access a free ebook all about valerian.

After listening in, you’ll know:

► Why it’s important to match the herb to the person, rather than the herb to a disease pattern

► Why it’s important to test valerian in small amounts and increase slowly until your desired results are found

► What type of valerian root preparation is often best for long term use

Valerian root is powerfully relaxing. It brings deep restful sleep and relieves muscle tension. But only to those well suited to this very particular herb!


What You’ll Learn from This Episode

  • [01:09] Introduction to valerian (Valeriana officinalis)
  • [03:35] Valerian root energetics
  • [09:35] Valerian root for anxiety and sleep
  • [11:53] Valerian root for muscle tension and pain
  • [13:09] Valerian root for spasmodic coughing
  • [13:42] Valerian for digestion
  • [14:18] How to identify valerian
  • [15:28] How to avoid valerian root side effects
  • [17:27] Valerian Fun Fact

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