How is the clean label megatrend changing the food landscape?

The Clean Label Webinar​ – hosted by FoodNavigator-USA’s sister journal BakeryandSnacks at 9am Central, September 29 – will explore exactly what clean label means – both for people and the planet.

There is no official definition of clean label, which began as a desire to avoid artificial or synthetic-sounding ingredients, and has since progressed to include avoiding everything from pesticide residues to, hormones, micro-plastics and antibiotics.

It also applies to packaging. A clean package is one that should not appear to be wasteful or damaging to the environment. A hot topic in the UK for example, is Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), to fight the deluge of post-consumer waste.

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To unpack this complex subject, BakeryandSnacks has enlisted a panel of industry leaders to share their insights in a 60-minute info-packed session​ that will delve into the challenges of this megatrend, how it’s shaping consumer behavior, its forecasted shelf life, and what producers should be doing to play their part.

The panelists are:

•           Sebastian Emig, director general of the European Snacks Association

•           Marcia Mogelonsky, director of Insight for Mintel Food & Drink

•           Harriet Heath, Reformulation for Health executive for Food and Drink Scotland.

Moderated by BakeryandSnacks’ editor Gill Hyslop, some of the topics to be explored include:

  • What is clean label and is there a universally-accepted definition across markets?
  • How are regulations impacting the clean label movement?
  • What are the technical realities of dropping and swapping ingredients? And the costs?
  • How have the pandemic, inflation, and supply shortages impacted the movement?

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