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According to recent studies, there are many health and therapeutic benefits of gardening for seniors. The physical and visual access to nature has been proven to help improve overall mood, reduce stress, and even lower blood pressure. For people living with Alzheimer’s disease, the benefits of gardens are even greater.

For one of Shell Point’s residents in the Memory Care Program, the process of planting and nurturing has allowed her to flourish. With a growing passion for gardening that began years before coming to Shell Point, this outdoor activity has brought joy and more physical engagement back into her life.

Some medical conditions and physical disabilities may restrict or prevent elderly people from participating in gardening. However, with assessment and planning, it’s possible to create a safe, accessible space. In the instance of Shell Point’s resident, the community alongside the residents’ family made arrangements to custom-design a garden cart that would be easily accessible.

Shell Point’s Memory Care Program continues to develop activities designed to specific needs and provides residents with many opportunities to socialize with others and explore their passions.

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