Intermittent Fasting & Weight Loss, Can It Help?

How To Intermittent Fast

Being told not to eat for 16 hours may sound straightforward, but there are definitely some tips and tricks to the trade that can make it easier to handle. Here are mine:

1. Time Your Fast

Intermittent fasting for women can be difficult. Our hormones need energy to function properly, so timing your fast right is key. For starters, I like to just increase the overnight fast. In other words, if you eat three hours before bed, try to eat four hours before bed. Then, instead of eating as soon as you wake up, wait a few hours until you break your fast. The schedule may look at little something like this:

  • Eat at 6 PM
  • Fall asleep at 10:30 PM
  • Wake up at 6:30 AM
  • Eat at 10 AM 

2. Support Yourself

Fasting isn’t as easy as it sounds. Your body is going to be sending you signals to feed it. Our bodies are creatures of habit, so if you always feed it at a certain time, it’s going to expect food at that time. Instead of chugging water to try and simulate fullness, try a fasting-approved supplement, like Snack Attack. It’s a cravings-busting supplement that helps you feel fuller for longer, which can make fasting a lot easier. It contains B12, apple cider vinegar, cayenne, and other ingredients that support a healthy metabolism, increased energy, and guaranteed satisfaction without the snacking!

3. Fast With A Friend

Just like exercising, fasting is easier with an accountability partner. Ask your friend or spouse to join you for the first time you fast to make it a little easier. Even if you still get pangs of hunger, having someone endure it with you can lessen the blow! If you don’t have anyone that’s interested in joining you, ask someone you trust to check in with you. Have them motivate you through it and empower you to keep going! It will make all the difference.

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