5 Common Obstacles to Losing Weight (& How to Overcome Them)

1. Scarcity Mindset

If you’ve never heard of the term scarcity mindset, here’s what it is: the belief that because someone else has something you want, or has achieved something you want, then you can’t or won’t have or achieve it too. If you’ve ever been jealous of a friend or family member for losing weight, this can stem from a scarcity mindset. Instead, you need to flip the narrative and think “If they can, so can I!” Start by speaking kindly to yourself, encouraging yourself when you overcome hard things, and hyping yourself up when you’re feeling down. Mindset is the key to success in anything, so don’t overlook this important aspect of weight loss.

2. Cheat Meals

The moment you start looking at food as good or bad, and start having “normal” versus cheat meals, you’re dooming yourself. Instead, try to start looking at food in a way that separates items not by value, but by nourishment. I have clients keep a food log, but instead of focusing on the food they eat, I have them focus on how they felt afterwards. Then, you can take a look at what makes you feel energized and content, versus irritable and unsatisfied. Give it a try, and see how your view of food completely shifts.

3. Unclear Goals

This is a big one. If you are on a weight loss journey, you need to get clear on your goals. And I’m sorry, but wanting to lose 10 pounds isn’t a goal. Here is an example of a crystal clear goal: I want to start going to the gym three times per week, cooking at least 5 days worth of meals at home, and go for a walk after lunch everyday. That is a clear goal. The outcome might be losing five pounds, or you might lose fifteen! What matters is you create clear goals, and then the positive side effects of those goals are the reward.

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