The Cheapest & Most Effective Beauty Products On Amazon

Beauty is a rapidly expanding, multi-billion dollar industry, and it can be hard to escape its influence. But self-care doesn’t have to come with a big price tag. When it comes to beauty products, there are deals to be found on amazing items with stellar reviews you’ll use every day. This list is chock full of the cheapest and most effective beauty products on Amazon.

Whether you need cures for dry lips or cuticles, products to take the stress out of shaping your brows, or plant-based, cruelty-free cosmetics, this round-up has you covered. Read on for wallet-friendly finds that you’ll want to reorder again and again.


This Moisturizing Hair Treatment That Works In Just Seconds

If you’re short on both time and cash, this Wonder Water hair conditioning treatment delivers quick results. Simply apply it to wet hair after your shampoo, leave it on for just 8 seconds, and rinse. It relies on proteins and amino acids to leave hair looking shinier and more moisturized. Plus, it boasts more than 34,000 reviews.


A Bold Mascara That Mimics False Eyelashes

For dramatic lashes without extensions, try this false lash effect mascara. Its cone-shaped brush adds both length and definition to separate lashes for a bold effect. Its formula won’t clump, fade, or flake. Better still, this mascara is a cult classic with more than 280,000 reviews that is not tested on animals and is acknowledged by PETA for being cruelty-free.


The Palm-Sized Brush That Detangles And Adds Shine

Big results can come in small packages, and this detangling hairbrush is no exception. It’s made with rubberized teeth in two different lengths that won’t snag and break in your hair. The longer teeth work out knots while the shorter teeth smooth strands and add shine. Plus, it’s ergonomically designed to be easy to hold.


This Plant-Based Serum That Brightens Skin

Ditch the sulfates, parabens, and phthalates and add this plant-based vitamin C serum to your skincare routine. Natural ingredients like jojoba oil, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid join with vitamin C to fade dark spots and brighten skin. It’s safe to use both mornings and evenings and has more than 110,000 reviews.


A Powerful Serum That Amps Up Your Lashes And Brows

This eyelash serum works to help grow both lashes and brows. It uses nutrients and amino acids to encourage blood flow to the hair follicles around your lashes to deliver increased length and fullness in as few as two weeks, according to the manufacturer. Simply apply it to your lash line twice a day for optimal results. And, unlike competing brands that can cost close to three digits, this serum is an under-$30 pick.


This Portable Lip Exfoliator That’s Just $5

Unlike messy scrubs, this lip exfoliator fits in your pocket and can go anywhere. It uses sugar to gently slough off dry skin, while the jojoba oil, avocado, shea butter, and vitamin E work to condition lips and leave them feeling smooth. The formula is entirely vegan and cruelty-free and costs just $5.


A Gentle Cleanser From A Trusted Brand

La Roche-Posay is a staple in the skincare world, and its hydrating face cleanser stands up to the hype of the highly trusted brand. This fragrance-free cleanser works on all skin types, including sensitive skin, and uses niacinamides and ceramides to remove makeup and dirt while leaving skin moisturized, all without disrupting your skin barrier.


The Brow Gel For Lusher-Looking Brows

Get full, luscious-looking eyebrows with this Elf brow gel. The formula is a combination of both a wax and a gel that creates individual fibers which mimic strands of hair, giving you a natural, fuller look. The brush allows you to finesse your existing brows into a style of your choosing, while the gel helps them stay in place.


This Two-In-One Stick That Makes Flawless Eyeshadow Application A Breeze

If complicated smokey eyes are just too much effort, try this eyeshadow stick instead. It applies as a cream but transitions to a powder finish, giving you a subtle shimmer. The reverse side of the stick is a spongey smudger, so you can get a perfectly blended look every time. It comes in 30 shades and has more than 29,000 reviews.


A Luxurious Mask That Helps With Acne And Moisturizes Skin

Treat your skin to a little TLC with this honey sheet mask. The honey acts as an anti-inflammatory that can help treat acne and irritation, while its hyaluronic acid moisturizes and soothes. Simply wear the mask for 10 to 20 minutes to see results like calmer, clearer skin, according to reviewers.


The Spongey Marker That Conceals Eye Circles

Diminish the look of under-eye circles with this multi-use concealer. Simply dab the formula-filled brush under your eye to brighten the area with a formula that lasts for up to 12 hours. Alternatively, you can use it as a concealer all over, or purchase a shade or two darker to use as a contour. This pick comes in 18 shades.


This Gentle Baby Lotion That The Whole Family Can Use

This baby lotion from trusted brand CeraVe will be your new go-to since it’s free from fragrances, dyes, parabens, and more irritating ingredients. It’s great for sensitive skin but safe for everyone, relying on ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to hydrate skin while protecting the skin barrier. Bonus: it was developed with pediatric dermatologists.


This Plant-Based Serum With Just One Ingredient

Too many ingredients can overwhelm sensitive skin, but this facial serum contains only Centella Asiatica extract. The plant is known for its skin hydrating properties. While it’s great for moisturizing, it can also help with acne by reducing redness and excess oil production that leads to breakouts.


A Reliable Liquid Soap With Over 18 Uses

Chances are whatever you need to clean, this multi-tasking Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile soap can handle it. Containing organic ingredients like jojoba oil, olive oil, and more, this soap is safe to use for washing your hair and skin — but also for laundry, dishes, pets, floors, and more. Because it’s concentrated, you get even more use out of one bottle when you dilute it.


This Super-Affordable Derma Roller For Glowing Skin

This derma roller can help bring your exfoliation to the next level by sloughing away dry skin using 540 titanium mini needles — no worries, it’s a painless at-home treatment. The tiny perforations can also help your skin absorb your products (like serums and oils) more efficiently, too. It has scored an impressive 4.4-star rating after almost 27,000 reviewers weighed in.


The Lip Balm Packed With Natural Hydrating Ingredients

This lip balm from cult-favorite Mario Basescu is ultra-moisturizing and is beloved by thousands of reviewers and has a high 4.7-star rating. It uses hydrating ingredients like almond oil, shea butter, and coconut oil to leave lips feeling soft but not greasy. As one reviewer succinctly puts it, “This is the lip balm you’ve been searching for.”


These Under-Eye Masks That Feel Like A Spa Treatment

These under-eye masks aren’t just relaxing, they’re vegan and cruelty-free, too. Made with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, they can help calm unwanted puffiness and refresh tired-looking eyes, making you appear more well-rested overall. They’re also a bargain: for just $15 you get 24 sets of masks.


A Best-Selling Skin Balm With Only 10 Ingredients

If simplicity is paramount in your skincare routine, this cleansing balm may be your new go-to. It’s made from just 10 ingredients, including pearl barley and vitamin E. It works to soothe skin while also washing away SPF build-up, makeup residue, excess oils, and more. This best-selling balm has more than 10,000 reviews.


These Little Patches That Banish Acne

If you’re looking for a gentle solution to troublesome acne, try these cosmetic patches. They adhere directly to your blemish while the active ingredient, hydrocolloid, goes to work shrinking your zit. It turns white when it’s time to remove it, and as a bonus, it also acts as a shield that prevents picking.


A Styling Spray That Prevents Heat Damage

This thermal hair protector spray is a critical first step to protecting your hair from heat damage from flat irons, blow dryers, and even UV rays. It’s made with nourishing argan oil and shea butter to deliver supple hair that’s shielded from heat damage. Just spritz it on damp hair and consider it a leave-in conditioning treatment.


The Hair Mask That Transforms Your Hair With Collagen

Give your locks a little TLC with this collagen hair treatment. Simply shampoo your hair first, then apply this mask and let it sit anywhere from five to 20 minutes, and enjoy smoother hair with fewer signs of damage. It works using a rich formula of proteins, ceramides, and collagen.


This Hair Brush That Takes The Pain Out Of Detangling

This cult-favorite detangler brush is known for being gentle on hair, even when it’s wet and more fragile. The unique coated bristles easily glide through hair to help prevent breakage. Plus, it comes in 53 colors, so you’ll be sure to find one that matches your style.


An Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover That Really Works

If you’re looking to remove your manicure without drying out your hands, try this vegan nail polish remover. It’s free of acetone, as well as irritating fragrances and other chemicals, making it gentler on the skin. As one reviewer gushed, “I never thought I’d find a remover good for my nails, and without acetone?! I am a believer. Also, it smells amazing, and doesn’t give me an instant headache.”


The Double-Sided Brow Tool That Makes Shaping A Breeze

Get your brows in shape with this double-ended micro-brow pencil. One side features a pigmented micro tip to deliver authentic color and precise shaping, and on the other side you’ll find a spoolie brush for combing and blending the product for a natural look. Plus, this pencil has scored the PETA seal of approval as a cruelty-free product. Choose from 12 shades.


A Lightweight Foundation In More Than 40 Shades

This liquid foundation is ideal for anyone seeking medium coverage in a lightweight formula. It delivers a matte finish while still remaining buildable for those who like to layer on a bit more coverage. Plus, it’s dermatologist tested and won’t clog your pores. Choose from more than 40 shades.


This Scented Lip Balm That Conditions And Exfoliates

Get smooth, supple lips with this lip exfoliator from beauty obsessive-approved brand e.l.f. It has a subtle cherry scent that’s not overpowering as well as hydrating shea butter, jojoba oil, avocado oil, and more to deliver soft lips free of chapping and dry skin. At just $5, it’s definitely a bargain.


A Pack of Multi-Size Pimple Patches

Acne treatments shouldn’t be one size fits all, and thankfully, these pimple patches aren’t. The sticker-like patches come in three different sizes — small, medium, and large — so you can choose the size patch you need to get the job done. Just stick the patch on and let its healing hydrocolloid go to work.


The Moisturizing Body Cream Developed With Dermatologists

Neutrogena is a brand known for quality products, and this hydrating body gel is no exception. It’s fragrance and paraben-free, so you can have soft, smooth skin without unnecessary chemicals. It’s ideal for normal to dry skin (even sensitive skin) and won’t leave behind a greasy residue after use. This under-$10 pick boasts more than 16,000 reviews.


This Silky Body Oil For Hydration Without A Greasy Residue

This popular skincare oil costs just $9 and packs in tons of ingredients to help hydrate and renew skin. Its formula includes vitamin A to encourage collagen growth and skin elasticity, as well as soothing chamomile and calming lavender. Plus, the best-seller has over 64,000 five-star ratings.


A Collagen-Infused Mascara That Builds Volume

Let your lashes reach for the stars with this high-impact mascara. Available in washable or waterproof shades of black, this mascara’s formula is infused with collagen to increase volume while still providing definition without clumping. As one five-star reviewer summed it up, “I have tried probably about 50-70 different mascaras and I always come back to this one. I will be a lifer for this mascara.”


This 5-Pack Of Latex-Free Sponges For Just $9

Why shell out for pricy applicators when you can get five beauty sponges for under $10? These multi-colored latex-free sponges can be used both damp or dry and deliver an even finish every time. They’re ultra-soft, while the precision tip is great for detailed blending and contouring.


The Hand-Held Brush That’s Like A Massage For Your Scalp

Give your scalp the attention it deserves with this scalp massage brush. With its soft and flexible silicone bristles, it helps exfoliate away product build-up, dandruff, and dirt, while encouraging blood flow and relaxation. Its unique grip allows it to sit comfortably in between your fingers during use. Choose from three colors.


An Ultra-Compact Razor For Painless Facial Hair Removal

Say goodbye to clunky razors or accidental nicks with this hair remover. The double ring head easily glides over even rounded areas, making it ideal for hair removal around your lips, chin, and more. Just move it around in small, circular motions. Batteries come included, too. Choose from six shades.


This Moisturizing Oil With Tons Of Uses

Products that pull double duty are always a great investment, and this $15 oil moisturizer is no exception. It can be used on your face and body, or as nail care for softening your cuticles. You can also try it as a rinse-out hair mask, or use a little less as a leave-in hair moisturizer. It has a lovely, light lavender scent, too.


This Luxurious $13 Cuticle Treatment

Your hands go through a lot in a day, and this cuticle oil can help keep them looking their best. Made with vitamin E and sunflower oil to hydrate dry cuticles and nails, it’s cruelty-free and free of parabens. As one positive reviewer wrote, “Over the years have tried a variety of different products. By far this oil has given the best results. Within a week there was a noticeable difference. I ordered a second bottle to have by my bedside.”


The Hand-Held Face Roller That Takes The Place Of Blotting Wipes

Cut down on your single-use paper products by swapping blotting papers with this face roller. It works by using a rotating volcanic stone that you can roll across your face, even after applying makeup, to blot up excess grease for a matte finish. It quickly absorbs oil and lasts for six months, at which point you can replace the stone.


The Rich Cream That Makes Your Bum Smoother

Reviewers love this body cream that can help make the skin on your body (including your bum, as you can tell by its name) smoother, clearer, and more glowing. Made with caffeine, which can help encourage circulation in the skin, it absorbs quickly into your skin so you won’t be left feeling greasy. Just massage it into your skin in circular motions and enjoy the light, coconut scent.


A Foot File That Brings The Nail Salon To Your Home

No need to shell out for pricy pedicures when you can tackle callouses and dry skin at home with this foot file. Made from surgical-grade stainless steel, it’s lightweight and easy to maneuver, thanks to its grooved handle. You can use it on both wet and dry feet; all you need to use is a light amount of pressure and you’re good to go. This file has the backing of more than 88,000 ratings.


These Masks That Leave Feet Feeling Baby-Soft

If your feet are in need of a serious refresh, try this foot peel mask powered by exfoliating fruit acid. They come two to a pack and are super easy to use: just attach the included booties to clean feet, wear them for an hour, then rinse off the mask. In just two weeks, you’ll notice dry skin peeling away to reveal baby-soft feet.


The Blow-Drying Brush With Hundreds Of Thousands Of Positive Ratings

This blow-drying brush has earned a stellar 4.6-star rating after over 400,000 customers weighed in. It uses ionic technology and ceramic plates to deliver frizz-free blowouts you can create with just one hand. The combination of boar bristles and nylon pins help discourage tangles, too.

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