Swing It Out: Rowing + Kettlebell Workout #2

Updated Sep. 25, 2018



Today’s rowing and kettlebell workout at the UCanRow2 Bodyshop.  All you need is a rowing machine and a kettlebell and you’re good to go sweat!  Makes it easy to hold on to the rower at the gym, too.  We know what it’s like to work out at a gym where you can’t leave a machine for fear someone else will come and grab it.


[Need to find an erg near you? Concept2 has a list here.]


This is also a great kettlebell workout to use with groups of varying fitness levels.  Adjust the effort on the rowing machine and the weight of the kettlebells and voila!


Pretty much anyone can work out at a higher level of intensity – whatever that looks like FOR THEM – for 20 minutes.  And the health benefits of that kind of higher-intensity training are numerous, particularly as we age.


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Swing it out rowing - kettlebell workout: A kettlebell rowing workout to get you sweating. All you need is a rower and one kettlebell. This is a great one to do in groups, too! Want more workouts to burn fat and build strength? Download our free workout set #GetFlyWheelFit: http://bit.ly/GetFlywheelFit #rowingworkout #rowing #kettlebells #crossfit #wod #intervaltraining #amrap Swing it out #2 rowing and kettlebell workout


For variety, mix in rounds on the SkiErg or BikeErg (double the meters on the BikeErg).


Whenever it says “1x” below it means single-handed moves. You will count those as 5 times on the left and 5 times on the right.20-minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)


Row / SkiErg 500m (BikeErg 1000m)

5 two-handed KB swings

5 single-handed KB swings

5 two-handed upright rows

5 single-handed upright rows

5 single-handed cleans

5 single-handed snatch

5 goblet squats


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Questions? Comments? Workout results? Post them in the comments below, we’d love to hear your feedback!

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