Rising inflation causes consumers to reprioritize wellness, growth persists in key areas

Nearly 40% of people prefer alternative medicine and 44% say they are trying to turn to modern medicine less, according to a new report from Evergi, a platform offered by market research firm Brightfield Group that provides market and consumer research for the wellness, food and CPG sectors.

So what does this mean for dietary supplements? The research found that sales for dependable ingredients such as B-12 and vitamin D, and alternative staples such as turmeric and ginger have increased this past quarter.

Dependability is key

“The category as a whole is steadily increasing, but the major growth is in a few key vitamins and supplements,” ​explained Brightfield Group managing director Bethany Gomez. “Over the past year, we’ve seen growth among people buying familiar, dependable vitamins that are well-researched, like multivitamins, vitamin D and C, and zinc. We’ve also seen an increase in herbal supplements turmeric and elderberry–and while they are a detour from modern medicine, both are products people are comfortable with.”

Gomez added that over the past quarter, Brightfield observed growth in more targeted supplements, such as weight loss supplements, mood improvers, and hair/skin/nails supplements.

The research found that B12, vitamin D, fish oil, as well as prebiotics and probiotics were popular among uber conscious, mid-income consumers.

“Those vitamins have known benefits, backed by years of research and science. In a time when people are having to tighten their wallets, they want to spend money on things they deem worth the cost, vs. trying out less researched supplements. These supplements (with the exception of pre/postbiotics) also tend to have a lower price point, meaning the cost-to-risk ratio is less. People want to spend their money on things they know work and that their body needs,”​ Gomez said.

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