How to Harness the Power of Meditation, Mindfulness, and Manifesting

How does meditation, mindfulness and manifesting work together?

It is through manifesting that meditation and mindfulness can harness the power of positive intent and accomplish your goals. Knowing that your meditations and reasons for practicing mindfulness, and ensuring that they align with your manifestations, will increase the positive power of them all. 

Individually, each ‘M’ can help you to live a more peaceful, balanced life. However, each practice complements and oftentimes enhances the other. Setting intentions, or manifesting, before starting a period of meditation can help to achieve deeper mindfulness. 

Ultimately, each practice focuses on focus. About directing focus to a specific thing, whether that’s the present or the future. When practiced in tandem, it can help you to align your goals, working towards your dreams while also appreciating the present.

Don’t forget though, your mantra and the motivation behind your meditation, mindfulness and manifestation should be for higher good. That means it’s important to always show gratitude and to trust the process. Sometimes the universe works in ways that are not always obvious. What you perceive to be your ultimate goal, may present itselves in an unexpected journey.

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