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A share car from GoGet provides wheels when a sporting fixture is too tricky (or too early!) to reach by bike or bus. A benefit of renting cars is that you choose a vehicle suitable for the trip, rather than driving a large family SUV everywhere – in most cases a small fuel-efficient hatchback is ideal.

    4. Get the right accessories

When people give reasons for relying on their cars, these often begin with ‘but I can’t carry my groceries’, or ‘I need to get kids to school and sport’, or ‘what if it rains?’  It can feel like too big a challenge to put away the car keys. 

A bike with no rack or lights will not be useful for replacing car trips. A good lock is essential for leaving your bike at the bus stop, station or shops.  Panniers or a trailer will carry shopping and surf boards.  There are several types of child seats – young children love being passengers on bikes! 99Bikes is a good place to begin shopping and Bicycle NSW Members receive a discount.

  1. Try multi-modal transport options

Taking your bike on a train or ferry enables far-flung trips without a car. Cycling to a bus stop or station that is further away to connect with frequent, long-distance services really expands the reach of public transport

Check trip planning apps to see if there is a good way to reach your destination on foot, bike, bus, train or ferry – or with a combination of two or more modes. Try something new. Don’t always assume that driving is easier. And remember all the other benefits of a multi-modal journey – interacting with the community, popping into a shop by the station, not paying for parking and getting some much-needed incidental exercise.

Going car-less provides opportunities to experience the city differently, with new eyes. You can slow down, meet neighbours on the street and patronise local businesses more often. Climate charity Possible recently ran a challenge in which 1000 drivers pledged to reduce their car use for one month. Drivers who took part in Going Car Free 2022 found it easier than they expected and enjoyed the feeling of being part of the solution to climate change and noisy, polluted streets. 98% of participants said they’re planning on reducing their car use for good.  You can too!

For help with going car-free contact Bicycle NSW, our friendly team is always here to help you.  You might also consider joining Bicycle NSW as a Member. Bicycle NSW Membership provides great benefits including insurance for you and your family as well as supporting the excellent advocacy work, we do to improve bicycle infrastructure and conditions for every rider.  

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