Coca-Cola confident 2 years after reorganization despite ‘all the inflationary weirdness’

“There’s no silver bullet out there that’s going to suddenly change the Coke Company. It’s too large for that. But​ [the strategic reorganization announced in August 2020] is reinforcing that capability and reinforcing our confidence that we will be able to perform,”​ Quincy said at Barclays Global Consumer Staples Conference in Boston last week.

He explained that two years ago when Coca-Cola consolidated its business into nine highly interconnected operating units under four geographical segments it was with an eye toward delivering more consistency, eliminating duplication and scaling new businesses more quickly.

These shifts were “all targeted at making us more capable and more able to keep achieving what we set out to … which is to get the revenue growth rate at the top end of a long-term algorithm”​ for strong top-line driven growth, he said.

And despite “all the inflationary weirdness in the short-term and potentially next year,”​ as well as the challenges of the pandemic, the plan is working, he added.

“If you take the first half of 2022 and compare it to the first half of 2019 and just say what was the average annual growth rate in around numbers in volume and price/mix you get about two and a bit on volume and you get about three and a bit on price/mix,”​ he said.

“In other words,”​ Quincy added, “you get between five and six on the top line – and so you can see that end-to-end, even through the rollercoaster of COVID, we kept up that level of top line that were getting coming out of 2018, 2018 and 2019.”

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