Carol takes the leap and joins a bootcamp

Taking the virtual leap:

Luckily for me, I have Facebook. Despite reservations, I thought maybe virtual sessions that I could enjoy at home might be a good starting place. A local Bootcamp (the fact they were local was a big positive) had moved their sessions online and for free! What was the harm in tuning in to listen and watch a session?

Surprisingly, I found myself wanting to join in the bootcamp then and there. It felt relaxed, the instructors were greeting and interacting with people as they signed in, and the comments were super encouraging and supportive, from other participants and instructors. I liked what I saw and the atmosphere that they created.

They provided regressions and advanced exercises, they told me to work at my own pace and that whatever I was able to achieve was enough! So, I committed to the next online session and the one after that! They had also uploaded their videos to YouTube so if I missed a session or liked a session enough to do it again, I could easily access them!

I won’t lie, I found some of it challenging. But I could see the instructor working hard, sweating, also out of breath and they kept telling me that it was OK to feel like it is hard, but that it was OK to also take it at a pace I was comfortable at.


Building a routine:

This became my new routine, and I loved having that structure in place. I felt my mood lift at the thought of doing a session. Afterwards, I was always invigorated by what I had achieved. Although someone else was telling me what to do, I felt in control of my workout. I could take a break, pause and work at my own pace/intensity.

I felt good tuning into a fitness session. My mood started to improve, and I felt more confident in myself and I was supported.

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