A Guide to Morning Meditation

One of the reasons that morning meditation is so powerful is because it allows you to take advantage of that semi-sleepy state you’re in when you wake up. This is when your mind is in the alpha brain wave state which is associated with being relaxed, open, receptive, and creative. While meditation may naturally bring you into alpha, starting your meditation from this state can make it easier to meditate because your analytical mind is less active.

When you’re involved in activity throughout your day, including high-level thinking, your brain waves are in the beta state. While you sleep, your brain waves are in the delta state. But right before drifting off to sleep and before being fully awake, your brain passes through alpha. Morning meditation allows you to take advantage of this state when the door between your conscious and unconscious mind is more open. 

Accessing the alpha state in your meditation allows you to train your mind to be less reactive as you intentionally practice your desired state of being, whether that means being more compassionate, calm, joyful, or grateful etc. Through neuroplasticity, your focus on this state of being strengthens it in your neural networks, making it easier to access throughout the day.

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