10 Tips for Teaching Mindfulness of Breathing Practices

As a mindfulness teacher, one of the first practices that you may introduce to your students or clients is mindfulness of breath. Because breathing is something we all do, this makes mindfulness of breathing a very accessible beginner practice. It requires very little explanation beforehand and doesn’t even need to be introduced as a meditation.

If you’re teaching mindfulness in a setting where people aren’t familiar with meditation, starting with the breath can be a great way to bring them to the present moment and into their bodies.  Mindful breathing practices can offer a direct experience of mindfulness without having to call it meditation which can loosen any potential resistance people may have to the idea of meditating.

Yet just because mindfulness of breathing is a simple practice doesn’t mean that its benefits are limited. Like most mindfulness practices, mindfulness of breathing can benefit people in many ways including:

As you teach mindfulness of breathing, it’s important to be thoughtful about how you approach it. Consider the audience you’re interacting with and be mindful of their unique needs. Teaching mindfulness in a workplace setting, for example, might be different than teaching it to teens. So make adjustments as needed based on what intuitively makes the most sense to you.

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