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Today’s Business is always looking for new ways we can market products to clients. In order to achieve this, working and researching for our brands in many different industries is essential. Currently, Golf is a huge market and one that we have researched in great depth. We are here to bring you the best sites online for golfers whether it be to just learn the game or to master a certain aspect of the game we got you covered.

1) Top Rank Golf

Top Rank Golf is a golf website that reviews and talks about everything within the sport of Golf. The creator, Joe Morelli, started playing golf in the 90s in Connecticut at his family’s country club and immediately fell in love with the sport. He started the site in order to document his own journey within the sport and the possibility that it may help golfers in the future as well. Joe doesn’t only give playing tips,  but he can also help you find the perfect polo as shown in this article. Top Rank Golf attracts many different types of Golf fans with a wide range of experience level and is one of the best sites for Golf knowledge of all sorts.

2) Red Birdie Golf

Red Birdie Golf is a reliable blog with a following that consists of Golfers from all skill levels. This site is meant for people who are in love with the game of Golf. Brian Peña decided to start Red Birdie Golf to not only help golfers but to also promote products. Instead of talking about his experiences, he likes to focus on what will help the readers improve their Golf game. He promotes many items and he ensures that they are very high quality by obtaining them first. This makes readers trust him more because he has seen the product himself. Red Birdie Golf has a big and loyal following and is a great site to market any product.

3) Practical Golf

RunnersConnect takes a well thought-out & unique approach to training for runners. Their main mission is to take all of the ideas and Practical Golf is meant to guide golfers to being better at the sport and to loving the sport even more. Practical Golf gives honest reviews on products along with how they can benefit you to score a better score. With these two things being the main motivation behind creating the Blog, Practical Golf to be a great place to market a golf product.

4)  Southampton Golf Club

Believe in the Run is made for the people who want to get straight to the point when it comes to running gear reviews. While going into the Southampton Golf Club is a blog that focuses on tips to being a better golfer and good golf products. Article like this one  showcase how well they market products to their readers.  Southampton Golf Club reaches many different types of readers. They also have various links to products at the bottom of their website which helps them market good quality products to their followers. Southampton Golf CLub is a very good blog to market products through because their readers trust their judgment.

5) Men’s Health

Men’s Health is a larger blog with a huge audience from around the world. It has printed 25 editions in 35 countries. The large amount of editions printed and widespread audience allow Men’s Health to market products effectively. While Men’s Health writes about many different things, they also market products very well. Recently they just published an article golf shirts. Men’s Health has a big following which makes it  a great blog to market products.

6) Golf Monthly 

Golf Monthly is a blog about everything there is to know about golf. From how to play to what to wear. They have a wide spread audience and market many different products that are related to Golf specifically. They do many “buyer guides ” where they guide their readers and suggest what products they should buy.  Golf Monthly attracts all types of Golf fans making it the ideal site to market any Golf product.

7) Golf Digest 

To learn all there is to know about Golf this is a good website. They have the live updated scores from the professionals for you to view on the top of the screen through the website and the have articles about everything there is to know about Golf. When they are not blogging about Golf the sport itself they are recommending apparel. Golf Digest is a very good website to market products through because they have a big following and attract many different types of golf fans.

8) TripSavvy

Trip Savvy is a blog about Travel and Vacations. However, since many people play golf on vacation, they have various articles about golf products . The articles are not geared towards a certain group like the other blogs listed, instead they are geared towards anyone who is going on vacation. TripSavvy is a travel site written by experts and people and it would be beneficial for any product to be featured on any one of their articles.

9) Dmarge

Maggie’s love for running and love for ice cream combined to create her blog Runnin’ for Sweets. Coming from a family who ran cDmarge is an australian based blog that gives a unique perspective on mens style, travel, money and health. While they talk about many things, they also talk about finding you the perfect pair of golf pants. According to their mission statement, they bring Australian’s content that they can trust. Thus, making D’marge a perfect place to market any product because their readers know that they can trust the content.

10) Golf influence

Golf Influence is a review blog that focuses on golfers with all different skill levels. When rating products they look more for ones that fit all different types of golfers. This is obvious when it comes to their blogs like when they review the best types of pants. They try to market “great gear” in order to make it an easy and quick decision for their readers to find their best products. In their blogs they really go straight to the point and are really good at just providing information to their readers about their products while promoting them at the same time.

11) Skilled Golf

Skilled Golf is a blog that talks about everything related to golf. The blog talks about tips and guides for all levels of golfers. They also talk about the best gear to get. This attracts many different types of golfers and readers. This helps make Skilled Golf a great place to market any golf product. Skilled Golf has a great reputation as well as a unique and loyal following allowing it to be one of the best golf blogs on the internet.

12) Golfers Authority

Golfers Authority has everything you need to know about Golf. It gives reviews on products and tips on how to play.  What makes them different from other golf blogs is that they assure readers that they don’t accept payment of any kind to promote  certain products over others. They strictly only promote products that they support themselves. There is a “select few” that pass their team’s judgment and actually make it to be featured on their gift guides such as this one This creates a loyal following from their readers and a trust that the Golfers Authority has with their readers. This blog is a great place to monitor a golf product because of the trust it has with its readers.

13) Best Choice Reviews

Best Choice Reviews reviews not just golf products but all products across any genre. They rank it on many different kinds of scales to help their readers decide which product is best for them. Best Choice Reviews is a good website to market a golf product because it is trusted. Many online shoppers turn to this website when they are deciding between two similar products and when it comes to golf, many of the products are similar. While, best choice reviews  does not have links to purchase any of their products that is featured, as shown in this article about men’s golf shirts, they explain the products very well and market them in a very good way for anyone who is looking to buy any product especially a golf one.

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